Mar 03 2014

Topher di Maggio at Gods Of Men

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OMG, could this movie be any cuter? Two totally dreamy guys are out separately, with their cameras, taking photos, when they meet. Eye contact, smiles, soft focus, nice music, high quality filming. They hook up, they walk hand in hand through the park, they stop beneath a tree to kiss and all the time you want to be one of them. Either one of them, because one is the drop-dad gorgeous hunk Tropher DiMaggio and the other is boy next door Chip Tanner, bother are top models for Gods Of Men and both look like they are totally in love with each other. The romance continues, they move in together, a romantic dinner, Valentine’s Day and then, The Proposal…

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And then the sex, the part we’ve been waiting for and the part that now, thanks to the build-up, comes across as totally natural and really erotic. The guys kiss and strip down, and these two bodies are to die for. This is definitely a slow burner, there’s cock play in underwear and loads of teasing before we get rewarded with the sight of these two studs naked. Chip is a good boy and goes down on his lover like the obedient pup he is, pleasuring Tropher’s cock while pinching his nipples, teasing that cut cock head and making his lover gasp.
But it’s an equal relationship and Tropher returns the dick pleasure favour with his own soft lips while stroking his dark meat. He’s soon leaving Chip’s shaved cock though and working on his tight little ass, smooth and puckered, getting it ready to receive his hard cock. Chip takes it slowly, carefully, like a virgin and it takes him a while to adjust, but it’s not long before he’s begging for more and harder and Tropher is taking him doggy style and very deep. Riding the dark cock, Chip’s milky white body contrasts, his pale nuts against Tropher’s dark, Mediterranean sack. He works his own cock faster and faster as the lovers gasp and pant their way towards a climax.

Chip brings himself off and his jizz flies out all over the place, he gets wet through and all the time Tropher di Maggio is pounding him from underneath, finally pulling out and just about showering Chip’s back with his flesh-splattering jizz. If what came before didn’t do it for you the sight of Chip’s smooth, bubble butt getting wet and white should drive you over the edge. This is another stunning movie from a top company and one that really raises the target for all other gay porn flicks with its great filming, great sound, two totally hot stars, good chemistry and perfect quality.