Jun 26 2014

Kayden Gray fucking gay pornstar Topher DiMaggio

The Night After is another great video release from Men.com. Our favorite Italian stallion, Topher Di Maggio, is beautifully paired with the always hot Kayden Gray. These two have such a wonderful chemistry together that you would swear they were a couple in real life. In The Night After there is no buildup to the hardcore sex; there is no plot of characters or fantasy adventure to take you away. Nothing here but hardcore, man-on-man sex.

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Our simple scene starts with our two hunks sharing a very tender kiss. The background music adds to the scene, but in no way overpowers the natural sounds of two people loving each other. As the tender kissing goes on and on, the guys begin slowly undressing each other as they sit on the couch. Kayden cannot resist Topher’s smooth, dark dick and goes down on him in seconds. Eight and a half inches of dark meat slides in and out of Kayden’s pale mouth with the ease of a professional cock sucker. While Kayden sucks, Topher is feeling the wonderful smoothness of Kayden’s tight ass.

Topher stops the blowjob and repositions Kayden and prepares him to get his ass pounded. Deep and hard, again and again, and both men are loving every second of this hot action. They switch positions and go at it from every position they can think of, sucking dick and lavishly working each other’s nipples. Kayden reaches his climax as Topher continues to pound his smooth, white ass. Topher pulls out and shoots his own load all over Kayden. A tender kiss follows and the scene ends.
This video is sure to make anyone cum. These actors are so good looking, and work so well together, that you do think you are peeking into the private life of two lifelong gay mates. This video is getting great reviews because it is fantastic. You can join Men.com for just $1.00 and visit with some of these hunky men. Sign up now to see this video and many more. Men.com also offers a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the making of hot, sizzling scenes like The Night After, and other hot porn movies.
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Jun 07 2014

Topher DiMaggio at Gods Of Men

This new movie offers us the stunning bodies of Topher Di Maggio and Chip Tanner, two of the top models for Gods of Men. However, before we get to any sex, we are surprised, and delighted, with the opening scene:

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Topher and Chip are both outside, cameras at the ready, taking pictures of the world around them. Their eyes meet and soft smiles light their faces. Soft focused and high quality filming, along with wonderful mood music has us wishing we were there. They meet and walk hand in hand through the park, before stopping beneath a tree to kiss for the first time. These hunky men look like they are completely devoted to each other. Their romance continues and they move in together. Then it is Valentine’s Day… a romantic dinner… and then, The Proposal…

A long, sexy kiss ensues as our guys strip off their clothes. They both have bodies any man would long for. The build up to this has been great, and these guys come across completely natural – which makes the whole scene so much more erotic. Ever so slowly these guys get into it. There is a lot of teasing and cock play with underwear on, but soon we get to see these studs totally naked. What bodies!
Chip, being a good boy from next door, goes down on Topher’s hard cock, teasing the cut head and making Topher cry out in pleasure. Topher returns the favor and is soon sucking on Chip’s white meat. He loves pleasuring cock, but he wants something else. Soon Topher is lovingly working on Chip’s tight little asshole, preparing him to receive one large cock. Like a virgin, Chip takes it slowly, adjusting himself to the feel of this massive organ up his ass. Soon he is begging Topher to pound him harder and harder. Topher takes him doggy style, ramming him very deep and very hard. Chip’s pale nuts are a sharp contrast to Topher’s dark, Mediterranean ballsack.

As they change positions and Topher pounds him from below, Chip is hard at work jerking himself off. His jizz flies around the room as he soaks himself with the white stuff. At about the same time, Topher pulls out of Chip’s well used ass and showers Chip’s back and ass with a heavy load of white cum. Chip’s smooth, white, bubble butt getting covered with white jizz is enough to make anyone cum with him. This movie has raised the bar on gay porn flicks: the chemistry between these guys, the great music and sound, the excellent filming and perfect quality of the film makes it one of the best porn flicks on the internet.
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