Jul 05 2014

Aaron Bruiser and Topher Di Maggio gay love

Aaron Bruise could not fall asleep. He could not get his mind off that mysterious note he had received late in the afternoon. The note said, “I have been watching you, and admiring you from afar. Tomorrow night at 7… I will be at your front door.” No signature, nothing to reveal who wrote the note or where it came from. Aaron was intrigued and couldn’t sleep while wondering who his secret admirer was.

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Work the next day dragged on. Aaron had finally gotten a few hours of sleep, but not enough to function like he normally did. It was useless really. It was hard to keep his mind on facts and figures when his mind was on a figure of another kind. Finally he left work and made it home by 6:30. After taking a brief shower, Aaron decides to set the mood for whatever was to happen with this secret admirer. He can feel something special is about to transpire.

At exactly 7 o’clock there is a sharp knock on the front door. Aaron hurries over and nearly faints when he opens his door to reveal Topher Di Maggio standing on his door step.
“It’s you?”, he questions, with a huge smile on his face.
“It’s me.”, replied the dark and gorgeous Topher, with a laugh in his voice.

Aaron moves aside and lets Topher enter the candle lit room. Topher, moved by the gesture, can not resist taking Aaron into his arms immediately. A slow, tender kiss follows, and somehow both men are sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in their hands. After sharing a drink, they kiss again, tasting the sweet wine each had consumed. Kissing turns to petting, and petting soon turns wild.
Topher, never one for waiting, starts undressing Aaron; and in seconds Aaron is returning the pleasure. Hands roam at will, feeling hard muscles and smooth skin. Topher has Aaron’s thick cock in his mouth before he finishes sliding the man’s pants and underwear down his legs. He just has to taste what he had been dreaming of for so long. What pleasure Topher finds in sucking that cut eight and a half inch cock. Aaron’s moans were enough to make Topher groan himself.
Topher can not wait for a blowjob of his own, his own eight and a half inch cock wants more: he wants to pound his cock in that tight, white ass! Telling Aaron what he wants to do, Topher leads him down to the rug in front of the roaring fireplace and Aaron gets down on all fours like a dog. Taking him doggy style and deep, Topher pleasures Aaron until he can take no more.
Aaron meanwhile, is working his own cock into a frenzy. When Topher pulls out of his ass, Aaron pounds Topher as hard as Topher had pounded him. Back and forth our lovers go, no longer is there a mystery hanging between them. They know each other inside and out. Aaron lets his stiff dick slide out of Topher’s ass as he releases a load of cum all over Topher’s back. Topher releases his own jizz all over the rug. Sighing with deep contentment, both men relax in each other’s arms right there in front of the fireplace. Exhaustion overtakes them and they both doze before waking to do it all over again.
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