Aug 02 2014

Topher DiMaggio Bottom For The First Time

A young Topher DiMaggio loses his virginity in his first video for the website, Top To Bottom. This video is a welcomed addition for fans of Topher who have never seen his first film. The lucky man who gets to pop his ass cherry is the always horny, always hot, Lance Luciano.
The dark, mysterious Topher is nervous, but excited to be where he is. Lance Luciano has already made a name for himself, and Topher has long admired the man’s smooth hairless chest and thick 7 inch cock. He’d seen him in enough videos to know that Lance would want to get right down to business while doing this video and he was right. Lance gave Topher a long, slow frenchy as he slid Topher’s pants down his legs. Topher stepped out of them and fell onto the bed behind him.

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Lance was on his knees in seconds, wanting to taste the eight and a half inch dark cock that stood at full erection already. Never mind that he was here to pop this young stud’s cherry. Lance lavished that piece of meat until Topher shot a load of thick jizz into his mouth. Lance readily swallowed it all.
Resting on the bed, Lance let Topher undress him and service his dick in the same way. Topher showed no hesitation and soon had that cock standing straight up. Lance, still lacking energy to move, bade Topher to sit on him and ride him like a horse. Topher did so, and in effect, popped his own cherry. But what fun he had doing so! Sliding that seven inch thickness deeper and deeper into his ass, while Lance stroked his cock into a joyous frenzy, Topher made love like a pro.

Riding and bucking, our two studs covered with sweat soon reach a mutual climax. Topher rises and turns towards Lance and shoots his load of cum all over the man’s chest. Lance, smiling with pleasure, returns the favor again, and soon Topher is covered with sticky white jizz. What a thrill for both men and what a way to pop your cherry and lose your virginity.