Nov 03 2014

Reality Sucks

Well, this is something refreshingly new, for me at least. I am sure it will be for you too. What Drill My Hole have done here is start this hardcore scene off with some background and then let that documentary/reality kind of style give way to the more standard way of filming. We’ve got handsome and hung Topher DiMaggio and sweet and sexy Colt Rivers in a duo scene. Ok, so that’s all well and good, but what’s different about this one is the way it starts.

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If you ever wondered how these movies were made then you should take a look at the first five minutes of this scene. The guys tell us how they got into porn, we see clips of them making the scene, with lights up and director and everything and we see cut-aways to the actual scene itself. You might be surprised to learn that while one guy is drilling another’s hole, they are pausing every now and then to take direction. The guys are standing there posing for stills shots while one has his cock down another’s throat. It shows us the professional side of porn-making as well as getting us ready for the actual scene.

And when that does actually start running (without stopping for these cut-aways and documentary type voice overs) the guys slip into chemistry mode as though they were real lovers. Both these guys are your classic studs, with hot bodies, muscles and hung dicks, and bothy give great performances. The scene is already underway when Colt goes down on Topher’s eight and a half inch cock, swallowing his meat with ease. Then, about half way through, Topher investigates what’s bulging out at the front of Colt’s horny jockstrap and the guys switch positions. The blowing goes on a good while until Colt turns his ass to face his buddy and Topher starts rubbing his lengthy cock up and down between Colt’s tight buns.

You can hear the moan of pleasure as Topher’s mighty cock slides effortlessly into Colts’ aching hole and a fuck-rhythm starts up that carries on as the guys change positions. Each new variation gives us a different way to watch, with Cold riding and Topher on his back, the Colt on his back and Topher between his legs. They stay like this until they both shoot, leaving Colt slightly more than wet and sticky. And then, as if to prove that there is real passion in the making of a porn scene, there’s a cute little soft-focus kind of ending before the fade.

So, what starts as an insight into how a porn film is made, ends up in classic style and everyone cums, and comes away happy.