Jan 28 2015

Take Me Instead

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Six foot hunk Topher Di Maggio starts this great Drill My Hole movie off in a sexy outfit including hat and boots. He has received a letter from his lover. We hear a voiceover as he reads the letter telling him that he has now got married, and to a woman. But thanks for the past, please don’t get in contact with him again. He is obviously annoyed and frustrated, which doesn’t help when he gets a phone call. It’s his boss asking him to break in a new lad that has started work on the farm. He goes to see the new boy in a foul mood.

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In the next scene we see Topher Di Maggio, meeting up with the new farm hand. Topher Di Maggio is pretty new to the hardcore movie scene, though very versatile. He has only three movies with Men.com so far, but I am pretty sure we will see more of him. Lots more I hope.

The new farmhand is none other than 5.7 handsome versatile bottom boy, Mike De Marko. He has done well on the movie scene and has already made 12 movies with Men.com, including ‘My Two Daddies’ 1,2, and 3. No wonder he has done well when you check out his statistics. He is a very handsome youngster with a naughty smile. He has a tasty cut 7-inch dick and one of the most fuckable butts in the industry.
Mike De Marko is half naked when Di Maggio meets up with him, and even though Di Maggio tries to take his eyes off of him, it is quite impossible. (I must admit, I was the same when I saw his firm pecs.) Mike notices this straight away, and makes a grab for him. Di Maggio, tries to make out he is interested, but two seconds later, he is kissing Mike’s cock-sucking lips. Mike De Marko knows exactly what he wants, and quickly yanks down Di Maggio’s jeans and begins sucking on his 6.5 uncut dick. Di Maggio moans with pleasure as Mike sucks his cock faster, and faster, and takes it all the way to the back of his hungry throat.

Mike sits naked on the jeep, naked except for his cowboy that, while Di Maggio gets naked too and goes down on his hard dick. This is one horny scene as you see Mike’s hard cock glistening in the sunlight with Di Maggio’s fresh saliva all the way up and down its solid length.

There is no messing around in this hardcore movie, they both know what they want, and they want it now. Di Maggio turns around and leans over the back of the jeep as Mike crouches behind him and lubes his tight ass hole up by licking his tongue all over it before he fucks him quickly with his finger.

It takes a lot of effort not to touch your own cock when you hear Di Maggio groan with excitement as we see Mike slide his condom covered dick deep into his dark tight hole. Mike fucks him for a while and then he lays on the back of the jeep, and Di Maggio, who is still wearing his cowboy hat and boots, climbs on top of him and sits on his almost cuming dick.

As I have said, this is one hot movie; these two hunks are very naturel and work well together. The cum shot will want to make you cum, or even wish you were there. In the end, Topher Di Maggio opens his mouth as Mike De Marko strokes on his own cock right in front of him. Mike moans as he feels his cock expand in his hand and we get a sexy close up of Di Maggio’s wet tongue getting covered in creamy white cum.

Jan 23 2015

Take Off Your Clothes

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‘Drill my hole’ have managed to get two sexy young men who are both debuting in their first hardcore porno. Both these teens have a lot to offer and both are six foot and over. Connor Kline has a cute ‘next door neighbor’ look with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. He is very smooth and has a seven inch cut dick. He is also a bottom, which is good news for all you tops out there, and especially for Topher DiMaggio, his partner in this hot flick.

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Topher is the right man to satisfy Connor Kline’s tight hot ass hole. Mind you, he’s the right man for any of us size queens out there. He has an amazing 10 inch cut dick which is bound to reach the parts that some other cocks don’t get the chance to reach. He is a real man’s man, and just like Connor Kline, he will go far in the porn industry.
This starts off with every man’s fantasy. DiMaggio in driving along the road and sees a good looking stranger putting his arm out for a lift. He stops the car and asks the stranger ‘what’s up?’ The cute stranger is Connor Kline and he really does act the part very well. He explains that he had gone to a crazy party the night before, he can’t really remember everything, but knows it got out of hand. He had woken up in the morning not really knowing where he was, except he vaguely remembers he is about an hour’s drive from his house, and so he decided he was going to try and hitch a lift.

DiMaggio tells him to get in, and then starts to drive. DiMaggio is quite forward to the teen and tells him that as he is going out of his way for him, then Connor can go out of his way for him too. Connor Says that he doesn’t do that sort of thing, but knows he’s pretty stuck. With a shrug he leans over and begins to sucks on DiMaggio’s ten inch cock.
DiMaggio is really enjoying himself but can’t concentrate on his driving. He suggests that they turn off somewhere so that can get nasty with each other. Connor agrees, and then admits to Joey that even though he is straight, he has sucked cock before. Joey soon finds a spot, and they get comfortable in the back seat, where Connor continues to suck on his hard cock. As Connor goes down in front of Joey’s spread legs, the camera goes into POV mode, and it’s easy to think that this sweet young twink is sucking your own cock as he looks up into your eyes at the same time.
Sticking with the POV camera, Connor Kline rolls a condom over Joey’s big dick and then lies down on his back on the back seat and spreads his legs. This is a fantastic view and it’s obvious that he keeps himself clean shaved. Di Maggio slips his cock in bit by bit, letting Connor get used to his size. You can tell from the grunts and groans coming from DiMaggio that he really is fucking one tight ass.
They change positions a couple of times and Connor ends up getting on his and knees, and getting fucked doggy style for a while. He lies down on the floor as DiMaggio whips off his condom and fires his hot cum all over Connor’s pretty cute face and lips. Connor Kline finishes himself off and sends his cum dribbling over his stomach. Still lying there with cum all over himself, Topher asks Connor if he wants to continue hanging out with him and maybe take him back to his crib? Connor smiles back up at him and thinks it’s a great idea. Now then, there’s got to be a sequel there somewhere…

Jan 12 2015

My Way Inn

We are heading over to Drill My Hole today where experienced porn actor Topher Di Maggio is working in a new guy on the Men.com scene, Casey Everett. You might know Topher, he has made 45 movies for the company now, he has appeared on just about all of their sites over the past few years and he’s a guy well worth keeping an eye on. With his eight and a half inch cut cock, his fit body, dark eyes and hair and his ripped muscles, he’s one of the site’s top stars. He’s also one of the top tops you’re going to see. In the other corner we have new guy Casey Everett making his debut appearance from DMH and Men.com. Casey tells us that he likes to eat pizza, pasta and steak and I assume he likes to eat cock too. He’s a versatile bottom guy with some cool tats and a handsome face.

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Appropriately enough this scene is called ‘My Way In’ and it’s Casey’s way in to the porn business; as far as I know he’s not appeared elsewhere. Here he makes his first appearance in a pair of swimming briefs, nicely filed out, as he comes in search of a sunbathing Topher Di Maggio. Casey wants to talk about becoming a porn star and Topher’s not really in the mood, but he takes the new guy inside for a chat anyway. And by ‘chat’ I mean a ‘fuck.’ Actually it’s more than that as we’ll see. Basically Casey is so keen to be a porn star that he’s been hounding Topher with texts and stuff but Topher, in true Drill My Hole style, requires visual proof of his enthusiasm.

And so the scene starts up, inside in the sauna, with Casey Everett going down on Topher Di Maggio’s long, hard cock. Topher likes the feel of it, you can tell from the sounds he makes, sounds that echo around the tiled room as the new boy gets his face fucked, as he wraps his lips around that long shaft and deep throats Topher’s cock, and as he gives good service in what amounts to an audition with one of the industry’s leading stars. The sucking is one thing, the fucking is another.

Casey Everett is a horny bottom boy who has an ass that craves cock. But it also craves any other kind of attention it can find, in this case a good, long examination from Topher Di Maggio. Topher pulls those tight swim trunks down and starts rubbing Casey’s butt cheeks, spreading them wide for us so we can look in long and deep at his puckered tight hole. Topher teases him with a finger, making the other guy gasp and beg to have his ass slapped. All this time Topher is keeping his cock hard, and rubbing himself up as he then gets his face down on the boy’s backside. He rims his hole, driving Casey wild, but if you thought he enjoyed that you just wait until Topher starts to fuck him.

Great filming (of course) and here it’s from underneath as one guy penetrates the other. And then we move around as Topher fucks Casey doggy style first, slow to start with and then building up. And all the time Casey Everett is moaning out and displaying his pleasure noisily and the sounds of sex echo around the room. He works his butt up and down that shaft, sitting on it and showing his potential as a power bottom while all the time bringing Topher closer and closer to the edge. Casey Everett gives us his first cum shot as he is sitting over Topher’s dick and shoots a nice wad onto the floor. And the scene finished off with Topher Di Maggio dumping his cum on Casey like he was marking his territory. And it’s territory that I’d like to revisit one day. It’s a strong debut from a vocal Casey Everett, a handsome bottom whore if ever I saw one.

Jan 05 2015

Open Position

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It’s awfully British don’t y-know? All this master and servant business with posh men in suits and handsome butlers and footmen, hot and cold running under-stairs staff in the big house, in Edwardian costume, getting up to no good in wonderful double-standard living. And it’s all rather horny and very well made and one of my favourite series so far from The Gay Office. It’s a pastiche of a famous TV show of course, filmed in the UK and with a mix of British and American porn actors, and available only at the exclusive network of Men dot com. The Abbey is one of the top gay hardcore series around at the moment and I’m the lucky person who gets to view and discuss it.

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We’ve already had three parts and Topher Dimaggio appeared in part one (with Darius Ferdynand) and here he is again in part four, but this time with the blue-eyed blond, Joey Rico. Joey did some work for the company back in 2013 and then didn’t appear again until the end of 2014, in The Abbey part 2 with the every lush Paul Walker, so it’s going to be good to see if he stays around and makes more scenes for us, he’s six foot two and sports an uncut eight inch cock, so he’s got a few hot things going for him already, and I’m pretty sure more hot things are to come later this year; let’s hope so anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the Abbey, we discover Topher Dimaggio as the footman, or under-butler, clearing the crystal from the dining table and helping himself to a little port from the decanter. In the next room, Joey Rico is polishing a clock – and yes I do mean clock. There’s a bit of an altercation between the two staff as it seems that Topher has the hots for ‘Jimmy’ (Joey) but Joey doesn’t want to be just another notch on the horny footman’s bedpost. The boys row and ‘Jimmy’ storms out; scene set for a making up session that follows later that night. Topher walks into the other guy’s room where Joey is in bed and more of less throws himself on his friend.

Joey Rico is already naked under the bed sheets and hard, so when Topher throws off the covers we get the wonderful sight of his naked body lying there prone with his hard dick ready for some action. This soon leads to some mouth action as Topher Dimaggio gives one of those blow jobs he has a name for, and Joey starts to undress him while the guy is down on his dick. Dark, tanned face working on blonde-boys cock is a hot sight to see; also hot is the sight that comes next with blonde head going down over dark Mediterranean cock. The two guys enjoy a lengthy suck and wank session between them, on the bed, changing positions as we move around the room watching from all directions.

And then, a little later, they start on some anal fun with Topher Dimaggio playing top to Joey Rico’s willing bottom, getting him in the doggy position on the bed. There’s some more blowing as the guys take a breather and then, with his semi-hard cock hanging over his tight balls and beneath his blonde pubes, Joey gets into another position ready for another fucking. He clearly feels the full might of Topher’s cock when it enters him; let’s just hope he doesn’t wake the lord of the manor. The scene moves on with the guys alternating from suck to fuck and back again right through to the masturbation cum shots where both guys come on Joey Rico, and the scene fades out as Topher Dimaggio is draining the last drop of jizz from his dark cock. I don’t know; the things that go on in English country houses these days!