Feb 04 2015

Gaywatch Part 3

Landon Conrad is back and is ready to show why he is one of the sexiest men out there. Landon was hurt in the past and now he is looking to get his revenge and he will not take it easy. Topher Dimaggio is working out on the beach. For one reason or another, maybe because of his hard body he catches Landon’s attention. As it turns out Landon had trouble with Topher in the last and he plans on getting his revenge on Topher and his tight hole.
Landon goes up to Topher and joins him in his workout. The men do some yoga moves and then Landon makes his move right on the beach. He pulls down Topher’s shorts and begins to suck on his cock. Topher is surprised but decides to let Landon continue.
By this point Topher is up and at attention .He decides to return the favor and put Landon’s large cock into his mouth. Both of the men have huge di**s. Topher continues to pleasure Landon while Landon touches Topher on his hard and muscular chest. Landon wants to do something more so he sits Topher down. Landon then puts Topher’s cock into his tight hole and begins to move up and down on it. He is then bent over and Topher is continuing on with him.
The men change position and soon Topher is getting nailed by Landon’s hard cock. He gives his ass a good and hard pounding. Topher releases his load of pleasure all over the place including all over Landon. Both men are tired at this point and lay down in the sand.
Landon indeed got his revenge on Topher. He did not state the reason as to why he wanted to pound on Topher but both men seem pretty happy. The men are later seen together in a bar and there is more action that is yet to come.