Jul 20 2015

Will Braun and Topher Dimaggio

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Topher Dimaggio pulls his knees up to his chest as will gets on his knees and plunges his tongue deep into his musky ass crack getting it all wet and ready for his cock. Will stands up and drives his cock straight into Topher’s asshole and fucks him hard and fast straight away. Topher grunts and groans so loud with excitement that I’m guessing there are a whole load of men jerking on their cocks in the hotel as they listen to these young men fucking like crazy.
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They fuck doggy style, missionary position, and eventually Will is lying on his back with pillows under his ass and his feet on the headboard as Topher Dimaggio rides him like a cowboy on a bucking horse until his jizz flies out lands over Will Braun’s smooth chest. Will quickly jerks on his own cock and cums in thick globs of hot spunk over his tight stomach.
Both men admit that this is going to be the best pride ever.
Will Braun is exclusive to Men.com since he first started with fucking the ass off Jimmy Fanz back in February 2015 in ‘The New exclusive: Will Braun’, which has been seen by over 25,000 horny men. Will is a versatile young man with a smooth chest and a seven inch cut dick. He has brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, is five foot six inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.
Topher Dimaggio is a sexy versatile top with a seven inch uncut cock and an amazing tight ass. He has brown Hair, Hazel eyes, is five feet seven inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Topher has been in ten hardcore flicks with Men.com so far including the awesome series ‘Turn My Son Into A Whore Parts 1, 2 and 3’, where he gets fucked hard by Aaron Bruiser, John Magnum and Jaxton Wheeler.