Aug 14 2015

Jizz Orgy With Topher Dimaggio

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topherdimaggioJizz Orgy is all about group sex, getting a group of hot porn guys together and making a hardcore orgy scene that ends with loads of cum shots and loads of cum all over the place. They are part of our favourite network of exclusive sites and content, and they have on-going series of themes movies in their collection. Here with Bubble Butts Part 3 we continue the cute-ass, bubble butt theme with six top guys in one hardcore anal pumping session.

Here we have the likes of redhead Connor Maguire with his 8.5 uncut cock, and cute guy next door with the best bubble butt ever, Kayden Gray. Big dicks are supplied by the likes of Topher Di maggio and muscles come from Luke Adams while the urban, tattooed and darker looks come from experienced star Sebastian Young. So, the stage is set and the opening shot of a tight hot butt in red underwear gets us off to a pretty thrilling start.

There’s no slow build up here, Topher, our best bubble boy gets face down on the bed and the oil gets applied by the other four guys, each with his own bulging underwear tenting out. It’s all about ass worship in this scene as slowly those shorts come off and that glorious ass gets revealed. Revealed and fingered and explored while meanwhile the guys’ cock start to get freed and the bottom-boy’s mouth gets to work on them. The guys break up into smaller groups to suck and worship each other’s dicks, all totally hard and rigid.

And then, before too long, there are two bubble-butt boys, Topher and little cutie Jake. I say little, he’s pretty beefy actually, but there is something homely and innocent about his face. Anyway, the butt action doesn’t stop from here to the end and the scene gets pretty wild. The guys take it in turns to internally massage those sexy asses, they swap positions, they jerk while being fucked, the camera gets in close to the tight and banging balls, the sound gets louder, the action gets faster and hotter…

Until, in the end, everyone gathers around prone Topher and one by one the men jerk off and cum onto his hairy chest, or over his smooth, hard cock and stomach in an orgy of jizz. Hence the name of the site I guess. And it’s just one in a set that you access when you join. As always with this network, you not only get hot stars and plenty of jizz, you get excellent quality movies too. Watch all of Topher Dimaggio gay porn videos at – click here