Oct 28 2015

Topher Dimaggio Porn

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The guys meet up and, after putting him at his ease, Topher starts on his seduction of Tony Milan, though he doesn’t actually need much seducing. Tony wants to try this out but he’s not done it before and he starts off in the passive role, allowing Topher Dimaggio Porn to kiss him and feel his chest. His top comes off, revealing his hairy torso and toned muscles, and yet he maintains a baby-face, cute and puppy like. That face though is soon down on Dimaggio’s crotch area as he sucks the other guy’s hard seven inches, and the posing priest reveals his full nut sack as his trousers start to drop. Tony gets down on his knees and the two guys are so getting into each other that they don’t notice the voyeur at the door, watching from a safe distance.
Topher Di maggio Porn
Our main guys get naked, the cock sucking moves on to deep throating and face-fucking and then Topher starts to explore Tony Milan and in particular, his ass. In contrast to his furry chest his ass is nicely smooth, and it gets well wetted and parted by Topher’s inquisitive fingers as he lubes it up and prepares it for things to come. He bends Tony over the desk and then very slowly enters him with his stiff cock. As soon as Tony is used to its girth he starts to fuck him faster and harder and the would-be straight boy lets go his inhibitions as the guys fall into a heavy fuck routine. And all the time there’s this young guy outside looking in and watching them from afar.

Just who he is and just how this scene ends is up to you to discover, but I will confess, it’s hot, it fulfils and Tony Milan does really well in his debut Topher scene.

Oct 07 2015

Love Gun

This great new series kicks off with Dimaggio working behind a bar called ‘Love Gun’ where he is always on the lookout for some fresh meat – as his gun is always loaded and ready to shoot. He sees Chip Tanner and Luke Adams sitting on the leather couch in his bar and wants them as soon as he sees them. He tells other customers that it’s closing up time and goes over and sits down with Chip and Luke who are obviously a good looking couple. He asks if they have ever thought about letting someone join in in their fun and they answer that they have thought about it, but never done anything about it.
Topher leans forward, and with a nod from Chip, Luke leans forward to and the two men start kissing with Chip looking on and stroking Luke’s back and thigh. The three bearded men take their tops off and take it in turns kissing each other and getting undressed.
Luke really does love being a bottom boy and is quickly down on his knees and sucking on Chip’s and Topher’s thick hard dicks. All three men growl out load as the excitement builds up and their cocks begin to throb as Luks carries on stroking and sucking them, and even manages to take both of their cocks in his mouth at once.