Jun 13 2016

Confessions Part 2

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Topher Dimaggio is an exclusive star to MEN and, when he gives you a personal training session, he really means personal. It’s all been caught on film by MEN for ‘Top To Bottoms’ to thrill and tease us all into a cock thumping frenzy. In this episode, Ricky Decker stars as a straight young man who answers Topher’s advert on the College Board.
Ricky Decker is a good looking versatile guy with brown hair and bright blue eyes. He has a lean body with a little sprinkling of hair, and this is his first hardcore movie for MEN. He is a natural in front of the camera and has a thick nine inch cut cock that is hard to squeeze into any kind of pants without making it obvious to his size.

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Topher Dimaggio has put an advert up advertising his training skills. Men and women tear strips off the advert but its Ricky Decker who rings Topher up. He tells Topher that he likes the look of the man in the add as he has such a good body. He makes an appointment with Topher and Topher hangs up with a smile on his face.
When Ricky turns up at Topher’s apartment he sits on the couch and wonders why Tropher has striped his top off and sat down beside him. He looks at Topher’s body and touches his chest and legs telling Topher what a good body he has. Topher stands up and takes his shorts off leaving him standing there in just his tiny briefs. Ricky touches the top of Topher’s thigh but backs off when Topher goes to kiss him. Twice Ricky backs off and tells Topher that he is one hundred percent gay. He soon relents and Topher suggests that they go into the bedroom. Topher is like a hungry hound whose got the scent of fresh meat and almost rips Ricky’s clothes off in the hurry to get to his cock.
Topher goes straight down and sucks greedily on Ricky’s nine inch thick cock. Ricky rocks his head from side to side in ecstasy as Topher holds his cock at the base, and sucks on his cock head at first, and then as far down as his jerking fist. Topher get on his back and Ricky is so excited that he humps his cock like a dog against Topher’s leg as he sucks on his first man cock.
Topher likes to stretch muscles whilst his doing his personal trainer so he gets Ricky on his back, and with his feet up in the air, he pierces that virgin asshole with his dick, and then drives it all the way in up to his balls. Ricky groans with a mixture of pain and pleasure as his asshole stretches wide open and gets stuffed full with a thick and meaty hard dick. He can’t believe the feeling of electricity as it pumps through his body as his prostate gets banged time after time.
Dimagio drills his cock in hard and deep as he fucks that sweet tight ass, and it doesn’t take much more before both Topher Dimaggio and Ricky Decker are pouring their hot sticky cum over Ricky’s exhausted body.