Sep 30 2016


This fetish series is made by Men for ‘Gods Of Men,’ and explores one of the most popular fantasies around; first time gay movies. This episode stars Topher Di Maggio and Jeremy Spreadums.
Topher Di Maggio plays the good but moody looking vampire with an eight and a half inch uncut cock. He has cropped brown hair, high cheek bones and always has a five o’clock shadow and a dusting of fur on his muscular chest. He is a fit and versatile hunk and has mysterious dark brown eyes. Topher has starred in thirty two hardcore movies with the adult pay site and loves to give it hard and fast, as we saw in ‘Thirst Part 1.’

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Di Maggio is fully dressed and talking to his servant, Jeremy Spreadums who is sitting on the couch. Jeremy is under his master’s control and Topher loves to be in control. Topher tells Jeremy that his time is soon approaching, and that he isn’t going to live for ever. Topher wants one more hardcore sex session with Jeremy before it all ends, and what Topher wants, Topher gets.
He rips his jacket off and kisses Jeremy hard on the lips. He grabs Jeremy around his chin and kisses him around his next and his armpits. Topher is so excited he undoes his pants and lets them drop around his ankles and sits down on the couch. Jeremy gets on his knees in front of him and takes Topher’s quivering cock deep into his mouth. Topher sighs with pleasure and slaps Jeremy’s face all over with his cock and then forces it all the way back in again. Topher, the master, the one in control feels like he’s about to lose control of his cock to early so quickly gets up from Jeremy’s cock sucking lips and pulls Jeremy’s pants down and sucks greedily on his eight and a half inch dick.
DiMaggio lies on the couch and gets Jeremy to lean over him where they suck on each other’s cocks in the sixty-nine position. Topher’s cock is now so hard that it’s solid as he gets Jeremy on his knees on the couch. His cock is so desperate for a tight hole to fuck that Topher makes a great job of lubing up Jeremy’s hot asshole so that he can slide his cock in a bit easier for Jeremy.
With a loud groan of satisfaction, Topher sinks his cock deep into Jeremy’s slippery wet asshole causing Jeremy to cry out with a deep pleasure. Both Topher Di Maggio and Jeremy Spreadums almost get stuck together as the hot sweat pours down their hard bodies as they Topher keeps on torturing Jeremy’s asshole with his fat dick.
In and out, hard, then slow and in different positions, until Topher’s cum spurts out over him and Jeremy dripples his into Topher’s open mouth who swallows the lot.
As soon as they are finished, Topher leaves and he tells Jeremy it’s about time he got himself a successor.
Jeremy Spreadums hardly needs an introduction, but he has a colourfully tattooed smooth hard body, and a thick, eight and a half inch cut dick. He has brown hair and has those brown, come to bed eyes. He is a versatile top with a great fuckable asshole.