Dec 05 2014

Bad Reference

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Being in construction work, you have to expect to find guys making out with guys, I mean, we all know that don’t we? Every building site is filled with hunky guys who need to get off with other hunky guys, both old and young. That’s why so many men go in for building work surely? I know, it doesn’t quite ring true (sadly) but in the wonderful world of porn, and over at Drill My Hole, it is a way of life. If you work in the macho world of construction you gotta expect a little sex. Well, a lot of sex actually, and gay hardcore sex at that.

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That’s what new model James Ryder tells new model Topher Dimaggio in this scene, Daddy’s Workshop part 2. And that’s another good reason for clicking over there (in a moment) and viewing the scene: two new, hot porn stars in the making, two good debut performances and two promising guys to get to know. James Ryder is a well-built good looking guy with a natural acting ability. Topher Dimaggio is more your classic twink type, with a sexy smooth butt and fresh-faced innocence. An innocence that James is going to take away from him in this scene.
It’s set in a building that’s being repaired, and the guys are in full workman’s outfits with hard hats and utility belts. There’s a brief discussion about how normal it is for these builders to ball each other and then, to finish this reassurance session, James gives Topher a hug. A hug that naturally develops into a kiss and cuddle session where James says he will show Topher just how normal this is. It’s a nice lead in to what soon become s a very erotic and highly charged hardcore scene; just as we’ve come to expect from this site.
In a break from the normal routine we get some ass play and fingering action near the start and that’s great for all us twink lovers, especially if you want to see a new boy’s twink ass getting fingered for the first time on cam. Topher Dimaggio takes it well and somehow gets your dick twitching just by showing us his delicious ass. With his trousers down he then starts blowing his older workmate on the stairs, getting James Ryder hard so that he is ready to plough that young ass. But he needs to lube it up first, which he does with his tongue, and then the anal session starts. Both guys keep their hard hats on, a great turn on if you ask me, as Topher Dimaggio gets fucked.
Ryder rides James’s cock in loads of ways in this scene, but the upside-down on the stairwell section is more than impressive. As are the performances from two very promising new stars in the firmament: Topher Dimaggio, a twink to look out for, and James Ryder, a guy who shoots a big load, are going to go a long way.

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