Jan 23 2015

Take Off Your Clothes

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‘Drill my hole’ have managed to get two sexy young men who are both debuting in their first hardcore porno. Both these teens have a lot to offer and both are six foot and over. Connor Kline has a cute ‘next door neighbor’ look with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. He is very smooth and has a seven inch cut dick. He is also a bottom, which is good news for all you tops out there, and especially for Topher DiMaggio, his partner in this hot flick.

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Topher is the right man to satisfy Connor Kline’s tight hot ass hole. Mind you, he’s the right man for any of us size queens out there. He has an amazing 10 inch cut dick which is bound to reach the parts that some other cocks don’t get the chance to reach. He is a real man’s man, and just like Connor Kline, he will go far in the porn industry.
This starts off with every man’s fantasy. DiMaggio in driving along the road and sees a good looking stranger putting his arm out for a lift. He stops the car and asks the stranger ‘what’s up?’ The cute stranger is Connor Kline and he really does act the part very well. He explains that he had gone to a crazy party the night before, he can’t really remember everything, but knows it got out of hand. He had woken up in the morning not really knowing where he was, except he vaguely remembers he is about an hour’s drive from his house, and so he decided he was going to try and hitch a lift.

DiMaggio tells him to get in, and then starts to drive. DiMaggio is quite forward to the teen and tells him that as he is going out of his way for him, then Connor can go out of his way for him too. Connor Says that he doesn’t do that sort of thing, but knows he’s pretty stuck. With a shrug he leans over and begins to sucks on DiMaggio’s ten inch cock.
DiMaggio is really enjoying himself but can’t concentrate on his driving. He suggests that they turn off somewhere so that can get nasty with each other. Connor agrees, and then admits to Joey that even though he is straight, he has sucked cock before. Joey soon finds a spot, and they get comfortable in the back seat, where Connor continues to suck on his hard cock. As Connor goes down in front of Joey’s spread legs, the camera goes into POV mode, and it’s easy to think that this sweet young twink is sucking your own cock as he looks up into your eyes at the same time.
Sticking with the POV camera, Connor Kline rolls a condom over Joey’s big dick and then lies down on his back on the back seat and spreads his legs. This is a fantastic view and it’s obvious that he keeps himself clean shaved. Di Maggio slips his cock in bit by bit, letting Connor get used to his size. You can tell from the grunts and groans coming from DiMaggio that he really is fucking one tight ass.
They change positions a couple of times and Connor ends up getting on his and knees, and getting fucked doggy style for a while. He lies down on the floor as DiMaggio whips off his condom and fires his hot cum all over Connor’s pretty cute face and lips. Connor Kline finishes himself off and sends his cum dribbling over his stomach. Still lying there with cum all over himself, Topher asks Connor if he wants to continue hanging out with him and maybe take him back to his crib? Connor smiles back up at him and thinks it’s a great idea. Now then, there’s got to be a sequel there somewhere…