Apr 10 2014

Gods Of Men With Donato Reyes and Topher Di Maggio

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Once again we have the chance to be in at the start of something hot, with the opening of a new series from Men.com called Suite 33. The opening scene starts with a piece to camera and very quickly movies into the sex. But this is not your standard wham-bam thank you sir scene, this is one with a lot more class than anything average. It comes from Gods Of Men and it is filmed like a cinema, movie theatre, motion picture, with atmospheric music, brilliant chemistry between the two guys and great camerawork. High production standards indeed, and two very hot guys taking part.

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It opens with veteran star Topher DiMaggio telling us that when he thinks of Suite 33 he has some very fond memories of what has happened within those four walls. And that’s it. The dark, tanned, black haired young stud then turns to the bed to revealing a hirsute, muscled guy lying there; Donato Reyes is the object of his desire and Topher moves gracefully to the bed. Both guys start in their black underwear and this only heightens the eroticism of the scene. They explore each other though Topher is doing most of the worshiping as he feels every part of Donato’s hot body.

Although these two studs are evenly matched when I comes to size, and build and passion, there’s something very horny about the way that one is very smooth and the other is slightly hairy. Mind you, Donato’s ass is suitably smooth as Topher goes and rims him, opens it up and gives him all the hot-tongue pleasure that a guy’s ass craves. He then goes further and, still with passion and hushed voices, the smoother guys stars to fuck the hairier one. This starts nice and slowly and seductively and Donato’s ass willingly takes all of Topher’s eight and a half inches. They guys fuck doggy and in the missionary so we get to see plenty of the older guys; hard dick being jerked as he gets fucked.

Donato gets fucked on his back until he cums, and a few seconds later Topher ( click here for his website ) is jerking his own cock and splattering the place with his jizz. The guys kiss and clam and we’re left wondering what the suite is all about. Is it just a room backstage at some night club? There’s great looking expensive sheets on that bed and yet tatty, half painted walls. But then our young stallion turns to us and tells us that he has more of this to come. I, for one, can’t wait.