Jan 24 2014

Kayden Gray together with Topher DiMaggio

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The Night After sees hot jock Kayden Gray in another natural movie for Men.com and this time he’s teaming up with Italian stallion Tropher diMaggio. I say natural because that is exactly how these two come across together in this scene. There’s no particular setup to it, no fantasy adventure, no unbelievable plot or characters, or anything like that. After a brief hello, these two simply make love, and that is how it comes across. There is natural chemistry here, and you don’t always find that in hardcore sex scenes between two models who do this kind of thing for a living. It almost made me go and do some research to see if in fact these two guys are a couple. But then I dint want to take my eyes off the movie.

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A simple scene then but one which pushes all the right buttons. Nice and simple in outline with gentle background music, that is very background and doesn’t get in the way of the natural sounds. The two guys start kissing tenderly and slowly undressing each other on the couch. Smooth and cute Tropher’s dick gets first sucking, its cut head and dark meat a real contrast to Kayden’s paler flesh. And while he is working on those eight and half inches, Kayden is getting his ass felt up, ready to play bottom to the darker guy’s top. If you wanna see the whole video, join Men.com for only $1 – Click Here For Instant Access

Soon we are treated to the wonderful sight of Kayden being fucked by his lover, deep and hard and yet not gratuitously so. Once again, things play out naturally here as the guys try all classic positions, and some more unusual ones. It’s good to see their mouths working each other’s nipples and smooth flesh, and to see Kayden pour out a great glob of thick cum while Tropher is still fucking him hard. Tropher brings himself off all over his wet and sticky mate and there is some tender kissing to finish the dreamy scene off with.

Great action, really good looking models, and hardcore, this scene is getting great reviews and high rates from members at its site. But what’s also neat about calling in there for a look (apart from all the other hot scenes ) is that this one comes with a ‘behind the scenes’ look as well. So if you sign up and log in you can see what it takes to make such a natural, and totally hot, porn movie.