Jan 05 2015

Open Position

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It’s awfully British don’t y-know? All this master and servant business with posh men in suits and handsome butlers and footmen, hot and cold running under-stairs staff in the big house, in Edwardian costume, getting up to no good in wonderful double-standard living. And it’s all rather horny and very well made and one of my favourite series so far from The Gay Office. It’s a pastiche of a famous TV show of course, filmed in the UK and with a mix of British and American porn actors, and available only at the exclusive network of Men dot com. The Abbey is one of the top gay hardcore series around at the moment and I’m the lucky person who gets to view and discuss it.

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We’ve already had three parts and Topher Dimaggio appeared in part one (with Darius Ferdynand) and here he is again in part four, but this time with the blue-eyed blond, Joey Rico. Joey did some work for the company back in 2013 and then didn’t appear again until the end of 2014, in The Abbey part 2 with the every lush Paul Walker, so it’s going to be good to see if he stays around and makes more scenes for us, he’s six foot two and sports an uncut eight inch cock, so he’s got a few hot things going for him already, and I’m pretty sure more hot things are to come later this year; let’s hope so anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the Abbey, we discover Topher Dimaggio as the footman, or under-butler, clearing the crystal from the dining table and helping himself to a little port from the decanter. In the next room, Joey Rico is polishing a clock – and yes I do mean clock. There’s a bit of an altercation between the two staff as it seems that Topher has the hots for ‘Jimmy’ (Joey) but Joey doesn’t want to be just another notch on the horny footman’s bedpost. The boys row and ‘Jimmy’ storms out; scene set for a making up session that follows later that night. Topher walks into the other guy’s room where Joey is in bed and more of less throws himself on his friend.

Joey Rico is already naked under the bed sheets and hard, so when Topher throws off the covers we get the wonderful sight of his naked body lying there prone with his hard dick ready for some action. This soon leads to some mouth action as Topher Dimaggio gives one of those blow jobs he has a name for, and Joey starts to undress him while the guy is down on his dick. Dark, tanned face working on blonde-boys cock is a hot sight to see; also hot is the sight that comes next with blonde head going down over dark Mediterranean cock. The two guys enjoy a lengthy suck and wank session between them, on the bed, changing positions as we move around the room watching from all directions.

And then, a little later, they start on some anal fun with Topher Dimaggio playing top to Joey Rico’s willing bottom, getting him in the doggy position on the bed. There’s some more blowing as the guys take a breather and then, with his semi-hard cock hanging over his tight balls and beneath his blonde pubes, Joey gets into another position ready for another fucking. He clearly feels the full might of Topher’s cock when it enters him; let’s just hope he doesn’t wake the lord of the manor. The scene moves on with the guys alternating from suck to fuck and back again right through to the masturbation cum shots where both guys come on Joey Rico, and the scene fades out as Topher Dimaggio is draining the last drop of jizz from his dark cock. I don’t know; the things that go on in English country houses these days!