Jun 13 2016

Confessions Part 2

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Topher Dimaggio is an exclusive star to MEN and, when he gives you a personal training session, he really means personal. It’s all been caught on film by MEN for ‘Top To Bottoms’ to thrill and tease us all into a cock thumping frenzy. In this episode, Ricky Decker stars as a straight young man who answers Topher’s advert on the College Board.
Ricky Decker is a good looking versatile guy with brown hair and bright blue eyes. He has a lean body with a little sprinkling of hair, and this is his first hardcore movie for MEN. He is a natural in front of the camera and has a thick nine inch cut cock that is hard to squeeze into any kind of pants without making it obvious to his size.

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Topher Dimaggio has put an advert up advertising his training skills. Men and women tear strips off the advert but its Ricky Decker who rings Topher up. He tells Topher that he likes the look of the man in the add as he has such a good body. He makes an appointment with Topher and Topher hangs up with a smile on his face.
When Ricky turns up at Topher’s apartment he sits on the couch and wonders why Tropher has striped his top off and sat down beside him. He looks at Topher’s body and touches his chest and legs telling Topher what a good body he has. Topher stands up and takes his shorts off leaving him standing there in just his tiny briefs. Ricky touches the top of Topher’s thigh but backs off when Topher goes to kiss him. Twice Ricky backs off and tells Topher that he is one hundred percent gay. He soon relents and Topher suggests that they go into the bedroom. Topher is like a hungry hound whose got the scent of fresh meat and almost rips Ricky’s clothes off in the hurry to get to his cock.
Topher goes straight down and sucks greedily on Ricky’s nine inch thick cock. Ricky rocks his head from side to side in ecstasy as Topher holds his cock at the base, and sucks on his cock head at first, and then as far down as his jerking fist. Topher get on his back and Ricky is so excited that he humps his cock like a dog against Topher’s leg as he sucks on his first man cock.
Topher likes to stretch muscles whilst his doing his personal trainer so he gets Ricky on his back, and with his feet up in the air, he pierces that virgin asshole with his dick, and then drives it all the way in up to his balls. Ricky groans with a mixture of pain and pleasure as his asshole stretches wide open and gets stuffed full with a thick and meaty hard dick. He can’t believe the feeling of electricity as it pumps through his body as his prostate gets banged time after time.
Dimagio drills his cock in hard and deep as he fucks that sweet tight ass, and it doesn’t take much more before both Topher Dimaggio and Ricky Decker are pouring their hot sticky cum over Ricky’s exhausted body.

Oct 07 2015

Love Gun

This great new series kicks off with Dimaggio working behind a bar called ‘Love Gun’ where he is always on the lookout for some fresh meat – as his gun is always loaded and ready to shoot. He sees Chip Tanner and Luke Adams sitting on the leather couch in his bar and wants them as soon as he sees them. He tells other customers that it’s closing up time and goes over and sits down with Chip and Luke who are obviously a good looking couple. He asks if they have ever thought about letting someone join in in their fun and they answer that they have thought about it, but never done anything about it.
Topher leans forward, and with a nod from Chip, Luke leans forward to and the two men start kissing with Chip looking on and stroking Luke’s back and thigh. The three bearded men take their tops off and take it in turns kissing each other and getting undressed.
Luke really does love being a bottom boy and is quickly down on his knees and sucking on Chip’s and Topher’s thick hard dicks. All three men growl out load as the excitement builds up and their cocks begin to throb as Luks carries on stroking and sucking them, and even manages to take both of their cocks in his mouth at once.

Jun 08 2015

Topher Dimaggio meets Rocco Reed at Drill My Hole

Topher Dimaggio makes them change position and Rocco lies down on the bed. Topher sits on his cock and rides him, bringing him closer to the edge with each thrust.
Topher lays with his head and shoulders on the floor and his ass up in the air stroking on his cock. He moans once again and streams of cum erupt out of his cock and lands over his mouth, his tongue and his smooth chest. Rocco Reed can’t hold back any longer and his cum quickly joins Rocco’s in his mouth and all over his breathless body.
topher dimaggio
Now that’s what college is all about, hardcore fucking.
Rocco Reed is a versatile top with longish brown hair, a smooth chest and cheeky brown eyes and a seven inch cut cock. He’s is Five foot ten inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. This is his fifth movie for Men.com and only joined in April 2015.
Topher is also a new comer to this site and only started in April 2015. He is good looking versatile smooth chested young man with an eight inch cut dick. Dimaggio has brown hair, brown eyes, is five foot eight inches tall and weighs 155 pounds.

Jan 12 2015

My Way Inn

We are heading over to Drill My Hole today where experienced porn actor Topher Di Maggio is working in a new guy on the Men.com scene, Casey Everett. You might know Topher, he has made 45 movies for the company now, he has appeared on just about all of their sites over the past few years and he’s a guy well worth keeping an eye on. With his eight and a half inch cut cock, his fit body, dark eyes and hair and his ripped muscles, he’s one of the site’s top stars. He’s also one of the top tops you’re going to see. In the other corner we have new guy Casey Everett making his debut appearance from DMH and Men.com. Casey tells us that he likes to eat pizza, pasta and steak and I assume he likes to eat cock too. He’s a versatile bottom guy with some cool tats and a handsome face.

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Appropriately enough this scene is called ‘My Way In’ and it’s Casey’s way in to the porn business; as far as I know he’s not appeared elsewhere. Here he makes his first appearance in a pair of swimming briefs, nicely filed out, as he comes in search of a sunbathing Topher Di Maggio. Casey wants to talk about becoming a porn star and Topher’s not really in the mood, but he takes the new guy inside for a chat anyway. And by ‘chat’ I mean a ‘fuck.’ Actually it’s more than that as we’ll see. Basically Casey is so keen to be a porn star that he’s been hounding Topher with texts and stuff but Topher, in true Drill My Hole style, requires visual proof of his enthusiasm.

And so the scene starts up, inside in the sauna, with Casey Everett going down on Topher Di Maggio’s long, hard cock. Topher likes the feel of it, you can tell from the sounds he makes, sounds that echo around the tiled room as the new boy gets his face fucked, as he wraps his lips around that long shaft and deep throats Topher’s cock, and as he gives good service in what amounts to an audition with one of the industry’s leading stars. The sucking is one thing, the fucking is another.

Casey Everett is a horny bottom boy who has an ass that craves cock. But it also craves any other kind of attention it can find, in this case a good, long examination from Topher Di Maggio. Topher pulls those tight swim trunks down and starts rubbing Casey’s butt cheeks, spreading them wide for us so we can look in long and deep at his puckered tight hole. Topher teases him with a finger, making the other guy gasp and beg to have his ass slapped. All this time Topher is keeping his cock hard, and rubbing himself up as he then gets his face down on the boy’s backside. He rims his hole, driving Casey wild, but if you thought he enjoyed that you just wait until Topher starts to fuck him.

Great filming (of course) and here it’s from underneath as one guy penetrates the other. And then we move around as Topher fucks Casey doggy style first, slow to start with and then building up. And all the time Casey Everett is moaning out and displaying his pleasure noisily and the sounds of sex echo around the room. He works his butt up and down that shaft, sitting on it and showing his potential as a power bottom while all the time bringing Topher closer and closer to the edge. Casey Everett gives us his first cum shot as he is sitting over Topher’s dick and shoots a nice wad onto the floor. And the scene finished off with Topher Di Maggio dumping his cum on Casey like he was marking his territory. And it’s territory that I’d like to revisit one day. It’s a strong debut from a vocal Casey Everett, a handsome bottom whore if ever I saw one.

Dec 20 2013

Topher Di Maggio Bottom For The First Time

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Topher Di Maggio is among the most well-known tops in the gay adult movie history. Enjoy him getting banged inside the ass the very first time during the most recent video the new site, TopToBottom. Topher is undoubtedly a powerful greedy top that he in addition bangs the horny dude that will take his virginity today – Lance Luciano. Watch this 3 min free preview video. If you wanna see the whole video, join Men.com for only $1 – Click Here For Instant Access