Feb 09 2017

Topher Dimaggio | Ricky Roman

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Sep 30 2016


This fetish series is made by Men for ‘Gods Of Men,’ and explores one of the most popular fantasies around; first time gay movies. This episode stars Topher Di Maggio and Jeremy Spreadums.
Topher Di Maggio plays the good but moody looking vampire with an eight and a half inch uncut cock. He has cropped brown hair, high cheek bones and always has a five o’clock shadow and a dusting of fur on his muscular chest. He is a fit and versatile hunk and has mysterious dark brown eyes. Topher has starred in thirty two hardcore movies with the adult pay site and loves to give it hard and fast, as we saw in ‘Thirst Part 1.’

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Di Maggio is fully dressed and talking to his servant, Jeremy Spreadums who is sitting on the couch. Jeremy is under his master’s control and Topher loves to be in control. Topher tells Jeremy that his time is soon approaching, and that he isn’t going to live for ever. Topher wants one more hardcore sex session with Jeremy before it all ends, and what Topher wants, Topher gets.
He rips his jacket off and kisses Jeremy hard on the lips. He grabs Jeremy around his chin and kisses him around his next and his armpits. Topher is so excited he undoes his pants and lets them drop around his ankles and sits down on the couch. Jeremy gets on his knees in front of him and takes Topher’s quivering cock deep into his mouth. Topher sighs with pleasure and slaps Jeremy’s face all over with his cock and then forces it all the way back in again. Topher, the master, the one in control feels like he’s about to lose control of his cock to early so quickly gets up from Jeremy’s cock sucking lips and pulls Jeremy’s pants down and sucks greedily on his eight and a half inch dick.
DiMaggio lies on the couch and gets Jeremy to lean over him where they suck on each other’s cocks in the sixty-nine position. Topher’s cock is now so hard that it’s solid as he gets Jeremy on his knees on the couch. His cock is so desperate for a tight hole to fuck that Topher makes a great job of lubing up Jeremy’s hot asshole so that he can slide his cock in a bit easier for Jeremy.
With a loud groan of satisfaction, Topher sinks his cock deep into Jeremy’s slippery wet asshole causing Jeremy to cry out with a deep pleasure. Both Topher Di Maggio and Jeremy Spreadums almost get stuck together as the hot sweat pours down their hard bodies as they Topher keeps on torturing Jeremy’s asshole with his fat dick.
In and out, hard, then slow and in different positions, until Topher’s cum spurts out over him and Jeremy dripples his into Topher’s open mouth who swallows the lot.
As soon as they are finished, Topher leaves and he tells Jeremy it’s about time he got himself a successor.
Jeremy Spreadums hardly needs an introduction, but he has a colourfully tattooed smooth hard body, and a thick, eight and a half inch cut dick. He has brown hair and has those brown, come to bed eyes. He is a versatile top with a great fuckable asshole.

Nov 03 2014

Reality Sucks

Well, this is something refreshingly new, for me at least. I am sure it will be for you too. What Drill My Hole have done here is start this hardcore scene off with some background and then let that documentary/reality kind of style give way to the more standard way of filming. We’ve got handsome and hung Topher DiMaggio and sweet and sexy Colt Rivers in a duo scene. Ok, so that’s all well and good, but what’s different about this one is the way it starts.

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If you ever wondered how these movies were made then you should take a look at the first five minutes of this scene. The guys tell us how they got into porn, we see clips of them making the scene, with lights up and director and everything and we see cut-aways to the actual scene itself. You might be surprised to learn that while one guy is drilling another’s hole, they are pausing every now and then to take direction. The guys are standing there posing for stills shots while one has his cock down another’s throat. It shows us the professional side of porn-making as well as getting us ready for the actual scene.

And when that does actually start running (without stopping for these cut-aways and documentary type voice overs) the guys slip into chemistry mode as though they were real lovers. Both these guys are your classic studs, with hot bodies, muscles and hung dicks, and bothy give great performances. The scene is already underway when Colt goes down on Topher’s eight and a half inch cock, swallowing his meat with ease. Then, about half way through, Topher investigates what’s bulging out at the front of Colt’s horny jockstrap and the guys switch positions. The blowing goes on a good while until Colt turns his ass to face his buddy and Topher starts rubbing his lengthy cock up and down between Colt’s tight buns.

You can hear the moan of pleasure as Topher’s mighty cock slides effortlessly into Colts’ aching hole and a fuck-rhythm starts up that carries on as the guys change positions. Each new variation gives us a different way to watch, with Cold riding and Topher on his back, the Colt on his back and Topher between his legs. They stay like this until they both shoot, leaving Colt slightly more than wet and sticky. And then, as if to prove that there is real passion in the making of a porn scene, there’s a cute little soft-focus kind of ending before the fade.

So, what starts as an insight into how a porn film is made, ends up in classic style and everyone cums, and comes away happy.

Aug 02 2014

Topher DiMaggio Bottom For The First Time

A young Topher DiMaggio loses his virginity in his first video for the website, Top To Bottom. This video is a welcomed addition for fans of Topher who have never seen his first film. The lucky man who gets to pop his ass cherry is the always horny, always hot, Lance Luciano.
The dark, mysterious Topher is nervous, but excited to be where he is. Lance Luciano has already made a name for himself, and Topher has long admired the man’s smooth hairless chest and thick 7 inch cock. He’d seen him in enough videos to know that Lance would want to get right down to business while doing this video and he was right. Lance gave Topher a long, slow frenchy as he slid Topher’s pants down his legs. Topher stepped out of them and fell onto the bed behind him.

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Lance was on his knees in seconds, wanting to taste the eight and a half inch dark cock that stood at full erection already. Never mind that he was here to pop this young stud’s cherry. Lance lavished that piece of meat until Topher shot a load of thick jizz into his mouth. Lance readily swallowed it all.
Resting on the bed, Lance let Topher undress him and service his dick in the same way. Topher showed no hesitation and soon had that cock standing straight up. Lance, still lacking energy to move, bade Topher to sit on him and ride him like a horse. Topher did so, and in effect, popped his own cherry. But what fun he had doing so! Sliding that seven inch thickness deeper and deeper into his ass, while Lance stroked his cock into a joyous frenzy, Topher made love like a pro.

Riding and bucking, our two studs covered with sweat soon reach a mutual climax. Topher rises and turns towards Lance and shoots his load of cum all over the man’s chest. Lance, smiling with pleasure, returns the favor again, and soon Topher is covered with sticky white jizz. What a thrill for both men and what a way to pop your cherry and lose your virginity.

Jul 05 2014

Aaron Bruiser and Topher Di Maggio gay love

Aaron Bruise could not fall asleep. He could not get his mind off that mysterious note he had received late in the afternoon. The note said, “I have been watching you, and admiring you from afar. Tomorrow night at 7… I will be at your front door.” No signature, nothing to reveal who wrote the note or where it came from. Aaron was intrigued and couldn’t sleep while wondering who his secret admirer was.

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Work the next day dragged on. Aaron had finally gotten a few hours of sleep, but not enough to function like he normally did. It was useless really. It was hard to keep his mind on facts and figures when his mind was on a figure of another kind. Finally he left work and made it home by 6:30. After taking a brief shower, Aaron decides to set the mood for whatever was to happen with this secret admirer. He can feel something special is about to transpire.

At exactly 7 o’clock there is a sharp knock on the front door. Aaron hurries over and nearly faints when he opens his door to reveal Topher Di Maggio standing on his door step.
“It’s you?”, he questions, with a huge smile on his face.
“It’s me.”, replied the dark and gorgeous Topher, with a laugh in his voice.

Aaron moves aside and lets Topher enter the candle lit room. Topher, moved by the gesture, can not resist taking Aaron into his arms immediately. A slow, tender kiss follows, and somehow both men are sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in their hands. After sharing a drink, they kiss again, tasting the sweet wine each had consumed. Kissing turns to petting, and petting soon turns wild.
Topher, never one for waiting, starts undressing Aaron; and in seconds Aaron is returning the pleasure. Hands roam at will, feeling hard muscles and smooth skin. Topher has Aaron’s thick cock in his mouth before he finishes sliding the man’s pants and underwear down his legs. He just has to taste what he had been dreaming of for so long. What pleasure Topher finds in sucking that cut eight and a half inch cock. Aaron’s moans were enough to make Topher groan himself.
Topher can not wait for a blowjob of his own, his own eight and a half inch cock wants more: he wants to pound his cock in that tight, white ass! Telling Aaron what he wants to do, Topher leads him down to the rug in front of the roaring fireplace and Aaron gets down on all fours like a dog. Taking him doggy style and deep, Topher pleasures Aaron until he can take no more.
Aaron meanwhile, is working his own cock into a frenzy. When Topher pulls out of his ass, Aaron pounds Topher as hard as Topher had pounded him. Back and forth our lovers go, no longer is there a mystery hanging between them. They know each other inside and out. Aaron lets his stiff dick slide out of Topher’s ass as he releases a load of cum all over Topher’s back. Topher releases his own jizz all over the rug. Sighing with deep contentment, both men relax in each other’s arms right there in front of the fireplace. Exhaustion overtakes them and they both doze before waking to do it all over again.
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Jun 26 2014

Kayden Gray fucking gay pornstar Topher DiMaggio

The Night After is another great video release from Men.com. Our favorite Italian stallion, Topher Di Maggio, is beautifully paired with the always hot Kayden Gray. These two have such a wonderful chemistry together that you would swear they were a couple in real life. In The Night After there is no buildup to the hardcore sex; there is no plot of characters or fantasy adventure to take you away. Nothing here but hardcore, man-on-man sex.

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Our simple scene starts with our two hunks sharing a very tender kiss. The background music adds to the scene, but in no way overpowers the natural sounds of two people loving each other. As the tender kissing goes on and on, the guys begin slowly undressing each other as they sit on the couch. Kayden cannot resist Topher’s smooth, dark dick and goes down on him in seconds. Eight and a half inches of dark meat slides in and out of Kayden’s pale mouth with the ease of a professional cock sucker. While Kayden sucks, Topher is feeling the wonderful smoothness of Kayden’s tight ass.

Topher stops the blowjob and repositions Kayden and prepares him to get his ass pounded. Deep and hard, again and again, and both men are loving every second of this hot action. They switch positions and go at it from every position they can think of, sucking dick and lavishly working each other’s nipples. Kayden reaches his climax as Topher continues to pound his smooth, white ass. Topher pulls out and shoots his own load all over Kayden. A tender kiss follows and the scene ends.
This video is sure to make anyone cum. These actors are so good looking, and work so well together, that you do think you are peeking into the private life of two lifelong gay mates. This video is getting great reviews because it is fantastic. You can join Men.com for just $1.00 and visit with some of these hunky men. Sign up now to see this video and many more. Men.com also offers a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the making of hot, sizzling scenes like The Night After, and other hot porn movies.
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Jun 07 2014

Topher DiMaggio at Gods Of Men

This new movie offers us the stunning bodies of Topher Di Maggio and Chip Tanner, two of the top models for Gods of Men. However, before we get to any sex, we are surprised, and delighted, with the opening scene:

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Topher and Chip are both outside, cameras at the ready, taking pictures of the world around them. Their eyes meet and soft smiles light their faces. Soft focused and high quality filming, along with wonderful mood music has us wishing we were there. They meet and walk hand in hand through the park, before stopping beneath a tree to kiss for the first time. These hunky men look like they are completely devoted to each other. Their romance continues and they move in together. Then it is Valentine’s Day… a romantic dinner… and then, The Proposal…

A long, sexy kiss ensues as our guys strip off their clothes. They both have bodies any man would long for. The build up to this has been great, and these guys come across completely natural – which makes the whole scene so much more erotic. Ever so slowly these guys get into it. There is a lot of teasing and cock play with underwear on, but soon we get to see these studs totally naked. What bodies!
Chip, being a good boy from next door, goes down on Topher’s hard cock, teasing the cut head and making Topher cry out in pleasure. Topher returns the favor and is soon sucking on Chip’s white meat. He loves pleasuring cock, but he wants something else. Soon Topher is lovingly working on Chip’s tight little asshole, preparing him to receive one large cock. Like a virgin, Chip takes it slowly, adjusting himself to the feel of this massive organ up his ass. Soon he is begging Topher to pound him harder and harder. Topher takes him doggy style, ramming him very deep and very hard. Chip’s pale nuts are a sharp contrast to Topher’s dark, Mediterranean ballsack.

As they change positions and Topher pounds him from below, Chip is hard at work jerking himself off. His jizz flies around the room as he soaks himself with the white stuff. At about the same time, Topher pulls out of Chip’s well used ass and showers Chip’s back and ass with a heavy load of white cum. Chip’s smooth, white, bubble butt getting covered with white jizz is enough to make anyone cum with him. This movie has raised the bar on gay porn flicks: the chemistry between these guys, the great music and sound, the excellent filming and perfect quality of the film makes it one of the best porn flicks on the internet.
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May 31 2014

Gods Of Men With Donato Reyes and Topher DiMaggio

Suite 33 is the start of another hot series from Men.com. This is not going to be your average movie about hard core sex. This series comes from Gods Of Men and is filmed more like a motion picture with atmospheric music. The chemistry between the two guys is hot and heavy and the camera work is superb.

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This scenes opens with our veteran hunk, Topher Di Maggio, telling us his thoughts about Suite 33. He reveals he has some fond memories of time spent within the walls of Suite 33. And then he just turns towards the bed and there is Donato Reyes sprawled across the bed, wearing only tight black underwear. Then we notice that Topher is dressed the same way, which heightens the eroticism in the whole scene. The two guys begin exploring each other, while Topher decides he must worship every inch of Donato’s hot body.

Topher’s dark, tanned, very smooth skin pairs nicely with Donato’s hairy, muscular build. Although evenly matched in size, build and passion, these two together are enough to drive anyone crazy with desire. Donato, for all his hairy body, has a nice smooth asshole that Topher gets right to rimming. Topher pleasures Donato’s ass with his hot tongue, going deeper and deeper. Before you know it, Topher is sliding his eight and a half inch cock in and out of Donato’s asshole. Donato takes it all, with great pleasure.

Our two hunks go at it doggy style, and missionary style, and every other way they can think of. It is a delightful time of back and forth sucking and pumping. Donato is lying on his back when he cums all over the place. Topher follows Donato’s lead as he jerks his cock in one final spasm of jizz that splatters all over the room.
They kiss and clam and the camera pans the room. The walls are half painted, the sheets expensive; why such a contrast? What is Suite 33? Is it this room, or is this room some backstage set? Our questions go unaswered as Topher looks at the camera and promises us that there is more action to come in Suite 33. Now we have to wait to see what happens next.
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May 26 2014

Suite 33 Part 3 with Dato Foland and Topher Di Maggio at Gods Of Men

Gods of Men is back with their Suite 33 series. In this one, Part 3, we finally learn what the “33” means. We are told that the number 33 stands for love and intelligence. In this scene that is exactly what we get – two intelligent men, who declare their love for each other before any hot action begins. Our Latin lover, Topher Di Maggio and super gorgeous Dato Foland are on the bed – wearing only their underwear – as the action begins.

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The declaration of love turns into a slow, sensual kiss. Hands explore hard bodies, smooth chests, and growing bulges beneath the scant material covering them. The only story in this film is the love scene. This is not pure sex, this is an act of love. These two guys have an awesome chemistry that shows in how they tenderly pleasure each other.

Topher releases Dato’s semi-hard cock from his underpants and gives the guy a blowjob that makes that cock come to life. After more kissing, Dato returns the favor. And then our guys remove their underwear completely. Dato needs better access to Topher’s smooth ass. Parting those dark cheeks, he rims the hole and then tongues deeply inside, getting it ready for some cock dancing. Slowly he enters Topher and we are thrilled to be watching them make love, not have abandoned raw sex. Topher enjoys himself as we get to see many wonderful camera shots of these two in all our favorite positions. Soon the action switches and Topher is lovingly pounding Dato’s ass.
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May 25 2014

Take Off Your Clothes

When was the last time someone said to you, ‘Take off your clothes’? That’s the title of the new scenes from Drill My Hole and this one stars ever popular Topher Di Maggio and Connor Kline. Both these guys are inked, both are muscular and fit, both could appear on Men.com’s other site Gods Of Men as they both have the bodies of classic Greek gods and both are well endowed in the dangle department. Here they are roommates in an apartment somewhere, but this is one of those scenes that doesn’t really have an introduction.

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Two guys get home late at night and are heading for bed, but there is something between them. Have they been doing that straight-guy flirting thing earlier? Have they been eyeing each other up? No idea, but it seems that neither of them wants to go straight to bed and there is a bit of an eye to eye stand-off as they say good night. (Like that, ‘you hang up the phone first’ ‘no you do it’ kind of thing.) But, luckily for us, good sense prevails and they head into the bedroom together where one says to the other, ‘Take off your clothes.’

From then on it’s a horny hardcore suck fest as Conner undressed, revealing his flaccid but meaty cock. Topher then strips down and his cut eight and a half inches is already springing into life. He lies back and gets a good long cock sucking from his roomie. He’s not only get a nice long cock but also a big pair of full nuts hanging below it; his body is smooth and toned too and gets a lot of attention from Conner of a long time before Conner leaps up on the bed and starts to squat down over Topher’s cock.
This scene is into the fuck session at around five minutes and you wonder if they are going to keep this up for the rest of the run. They do, but not without variations. Conner rides Topher’s cock sitting on it and slowly moving his hips up and down. He faces his man and then turns around so we get to see both his toned ass and his huge floppy cock as he gets his hole drilled. Later he presents his bubble butt ass in doggy style and gets fucked that way.
And so it carries on (I won’t spoil it all for you) until we get the two guys busting their nuts, Connor first and Topher second, and we get the slow fade out. A really great coupling, a hot scene, good chemistry and a very long anal session make for another winner from DMH.

Dec 20 2013

Topher Di Maggio Bottom For The First Time

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Topher Di Maggio is among the most well-known tops in the gay adult movie history. Enjoy him getting banged inside the ass the very first time during the most recent video the new site, TopToBottom. Topher is undoubtedly a powerful greedy top that he in addition bangs the horny dude that will take his virginity today – Lance Luciano. Watch this 3 min free preview video. If you wanna see the whole video, join Men.com for only $1 – Click Here For Instant Access