Feb 09 2017

Topher Dimaggio | Ricky Roman

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Oct 07 2015

Love Gun

This great new series kicks off with Dimaggio working behind a bar called ‘Love Gun’ where he is always on the lookout for some fresh meat – as his gun is always loaded and ready to shoot. He sees Chip Tanner and Luke Adams sitting on the leather couch in his bar and wants them as soon as he sees them. He tells other customers that it’s closing up time and goes over and sits down with Chip and Luke who are obviously a good looking couple. He asks if they have ever thought about letting someone join in in their fun and they answer that they have thought about it, but never done anything about it.
Topher leans forward, and with a nod from Chip, Luke leans forward to and the two men start kissing with Chip looking on and stroking Luke’s back and thigh. The three bearded men take their tops off and take it in turns kissing each other and getting undressed.
Luke really does love being a bottom boy and is quickly down on his knees and sucking on Chip’s and Topher’s thick hard dicks. All three men growl out load as the excitement builds up and their cocks begin to throb as Luks carries on stroking and sucking them, and even manages to take both of their cocks in his mouth at once.

Aug 14 2015

Jizz Orgy With Topher Dimaggio

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topherdimaggioJizz Orgy is all about group sex, getting a group of hot porn guys together and making a hardcore orgy scene that ends with loads of cum shots and loads of cum all over the place. They are part of gaypornstarstube.xxx our favourite network of exclusive sites and content, and they have on-going series of themes movies in their collection. Here with Bubble Butts Part 3 we continue the cute-ass, bubble butt theme with six top guys in one hardcore anal pumping session.

Here we have the likes of redhead Connor Maguire with his 8.5 uncut cock, and cute guy next door with the best bubble butt ever, Kayden Gray. Big dicks are supplied by the likes of Topher Di maggio and muscles come from Luke Adams while the urban, tattooed and darker looks come from experienced star Sebastian Young. So, the stage is set and the opening shot of a tight hot butt in red underwear gets us off to a pretty thrilling start.

There’s no slow build up here, Topher, our best bubble boy gets face down on the bed and the oil gets applied by the other four guys, each with his own bulging underwear tenting out. It’s all about ass worship in this scene as slowly those shorts come off and that glorious ass gets revealed. Revealed and fingered and explored while meanwhile the guys’ cock start to get freed and the bottom-boy’s mouth gets to work on them. The guys break up into smaller groups to suck and worship each other’s dicks, all totally hard and rigid.

And then, before too long, there are two bubble-butt boys, Topher and little cutie Jake. I say little, he’s pretty beefy actually, but there is something homely and innocent about his face. Anyway, the butt action doesn’t stop from here to the end and the scene gets pretty wild. The guys take it in turns to internally massage those sexy asses, they swap positions, they jerk while being fucked, the camera gets in close to the tight and banging balls, the sound gets louder, the action gets faster and hotter…

Until, in the end, everyone gathers around prone Topher and one by one the men jerk off and cum onto his hairy chest, or over his smooth, hard cock and stomach in an orgy of jizz. Hence the name of the site I guess. And it’s just one in a set that you access when you join. As always with this network, you not only get hot stars and plenty of jizz, you get excellent quality movies too. Watch all of Topher Dimaggio gay porn videos at gaypornstarstube.xxx – click here

Jul 20 2015

Will Braun and Topher Dimaggio

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Topher Dimaggio pulls his knees up to his chest as will gets on his knees and plunges his tongue deep into his musky ass crack getting it all wet and ready for his cock. Will stands up and drives his cock straight into Topher’s asshole and fucks him hard and fast straight away. Topher grunts and groans so loud with excitement that I’m guessing there are a whole load of men jerking on their cocks in the hotel as they listen to these young men fucking like crazy.
topher di maggio
They fuck doggy style, missionary position, and eventually Will is lying on his back with pillows under his ass and his feet on the headboard as Topher Dimaggio rides him like a cowboy on a bucking horse until his jizz flies out lands over Will Braun’s smooth chest. Will quickly jerks on his own cock and cums in thick globs of hot spunk over his tight stomach.
Both men admit that this is going to be the best pride ever.
Will Braun is exclusive to Men.com since he first started with fucking the ass off Jimmy Fanz back in February 2015 in ‘The New exclusive: Will Braun’, which has been seen by over 25,000 horny men. Will is a versatile young man with a smooth chest and a seven inch cut dick. He has brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, is five foot six inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.
Topher Dimaggio is a sexy versatile top with a seven inch uncut cock and an amazing tight ass. He has brown Hair, Hazel eyes, is five feet seven inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Topher has been in ten hardcore flicks with Men.com so far including the awesome series ‘Turn My Son Into A Whore Parts 1, 2 and 3’, where he gets fucked hard by Aaron Bruiser, John Magnum and Jaxton Wheeler.

Jun 18 2015

Obsession with Marc Dylan and Topher DiMaggio

If you have been following the new on-going series from Drill my hole you are definitely familiar with Topher Dimaggio. The gay werewolf endowed with the special ability of pulling men to his side by simply being intimate with them. Today in ‘Howl, part 2’ we bring you the second part of the series and in the lineup we have three hot models.

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Topher being a familiar character needs no intros, he has slipped into the versatile mode and other hunky stud has frequently fucked him raw. This is despite the Fact that he has made over 50 scenes for Gaypornstarstube.xxx and that he has previously described himself as a top. Unlike Topher who works exclusively for Men.com Marc Dylan isn’t.He has been missing in the DMH pages since August 2013. Am not too sure about where he has been or what he has been doing for the last one year. It is undisputable that he is lined up to appear in ‘Howl’ alongside Gabriel Clerk and Topher . I know we’ve definitely missed seeing his uncut seven and half inches, his dark eyes and his slightly furry toned body.
topher dimaggio
Having appeared in twelve scenes for the company, Gabriel Clark is handsome, fit and cut. You might remember him from the ‘Secret diary of an escort’ back in November 2013 or ‘Cruising’ series which premiered back in March. Therefore, there is going to be a bit of variety for us in this scene. He is also another versatile guy who has appeared with several of our much loved models. Stream all of Topher gay porn videos for only $1 – click here

Jun 08 2015

Topher Dimaggio meets Rocco Reed at Drill My Hole

Topher Dimaggio makes them change position and Rocco lies down on the bed. Topher sits on his cock and rides him, bringing him closer to the edge with each thrust.
Topher lays with his head and shoulders on the floor and his ass up in the air stroking on his cock. He moans once again and streams of cum erupt out of his cock and lands over his mouth, his tongue and his smooth chest. Rocco Reed can’t hold back any longer and his cum quickly joins Rocco’s in his mouth and all over his breathless body.
topher dimaggio
Now that’s what college is all about, hardcore fucking.
Rocco Reed is a versatile top with longish brown hair, a smooth chest and cheeky brown eyes and a seven inch cut cock. He’s is Five foot ten inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. This is his fifth movie for Men.com and only joined in April 2015.
Topher is also a new comer to this site and only started in April 2015. He is good looking versatile smooth chested young man with an eight inch cut dick. Dimaggio has brown hair, brown eyes, is five foot eight inches tall and weighs 155 pounds.

May 27 2015

Gaypornstarstube.xxx presents Topger Dimaggio

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Drill My Hole’ has got a cock-stroking, horny movie to show you, made by Gaypornstarstube.xxx and starring Casey Everett and Topher Di Maggio, two very hot and eager young men who are willing to do anything, and everything for your pleasure.

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Casey Everett is new to Gaypornstarstube.xxx but not so new to this great business. He already has 8,064 followers on Twitter and 3,532 people following him on Facebook which isn’t surprising when you check out his statistics; this is one hot man that’s going to keep our dicks hard for a very long time to cum. Casey has a great athletic body with a few tattoos and an awesome fuckable ass. He has short brown hair and sweet seductive brown eyes that are going to make you melt. He is five foot six inches tall, a versatile bottom, and he has a seven inch cut dick.
Topher Di Maggio is another great stunner with a high sex appeal. He has a muscular body, smooth, and is a horny top who is always on the lookout to fuck a young bottom with his eight and a half inch cut cock. He is five foot nine inches with jet black hair and brown eyes. Topher has starred in forty five hardcore movies for Gaypornstarstube.xxx since he started back in August 2012 with ‘Hotel Room Hook Up,’ with Christopher Daniels, which has been watched by over 42,000 cock jerking men.

Casey Everett wants to be a porn star; he is so desperate that he keeps on phoning Topher Di Maggio for his help. Topher is trying to rest by the poolside but isn’t getting much rest at all because of his phone texts from Casey. Eventually Casey gets impatient and comes down to the poolside in his sexy swimming trunks to confront Topher. Topher gets up and takes him into the sauna room, to talk about Casey becoming the porn star he so desperately wants to be.

As they talk, Topher grabs the back of Casey’s head and pushes him down to his hardening cock. Casey pulls the towel open and takes all eight and a half inches of his cut cock into his eager young mouth. Topher’s moans of excitement echo around the empty room almost straight away, and he admits – even before they have gone any further – that Casey has got what it takes to be a porn star. Casey gets turned on and sucks on his dick with even more enthusiasm than before, while Topher fucks his face from a sitting down position.
They kiss each other’s hot lips and Topher lifts Casey up and gets him on his hands and knees. Topher grabs a hold of Casey’s hard ass and rubs his hands all over it causing Casey’s cock to throb involuntarily. Topher spits onto Casey’s shaved hole and sticks a finger right up to the knuckle deep inside him. Casey squeals with mounting excitement as Topher slaps his ass and finger fucks him at the same time. His breathing gets deeper and he can’t restrain himself any longer as his asshole gets rimmed by Topher’s probing tongue.
Still on his all fours Casey feels Topher’s hard cock tap against his dripping wet hole and bites his bottom lip as he feels it stretching his crack wide open as it slides all the way in, until he feels Topher’s tight ball sack brush against his stuffed hole.

They change positions and Casey mounts Topher Di Maggio’s thick cock. He jerks on his own cock as he bounces up and down giving Topher a ride he will never forget. With his back to Topher, and his cock still driving into him, Casey Everett blows his load all over Topher’s powerful, naked thigh. Topher stands up and spurts loads of pearly white spunk all over Casey’s young, hard body.
Both men go to have a shower and you just know that we are going to be seeing a lot more of Casey Everett. Put his name in your notebook and remember you heard it here first. This man is going to be wanted all over the world very quickly.

Mar 11 2015

Dominic Pacifico and Topher DiMaggio in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

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Dominic Pacifico and Topher Di Maggio only just ran into each other around the locker area at the health club. Both of them really wants a new training lover and made a decision to begin their day together. The locker area had been empty most of the day and they also decided this must be the best starting point by burning off a little extra unhealthy calories with the help of a blowjob and some good fucking.

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Dominic Pacifico and Topher Di Maggio in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Feb 04 2015

Gaywatch Part 3

Landon Conrad is back and is ready to show why he is one of the sexiest men out there. Landon was hurt in the past and now he is looking to get his revenge and he will not take it easy. Topher Dimaggio is working out on the beach. For one reason or another, maybe because of his hard body he catches Landon’s attention. As it turns out Landon had trouble with Topher in the last and he plans on getting his revenge on Topher and his tight hole.
Landon goes up to Topher and joins him in his workout. The men do some yoga moves and then Landon makes his move right on the beach. He pulls down Topher’s shorts and begins to suck on his cock. Topher is surprised but decides to let Landon continue.
By this point Topher is up and at attention .He decides to return the favor and put Landon’s large cock into his mouth. Both of the men have huge di**s. Topher continues to pleasure Landon while Landon touches Topher on his hard and muscular chest. Landon wants to do something more so he sits Topher down. Landon then puts Topher’s cock into his tight hole and begins to move up and down on it. He is then bent over and Topher is continuing on with him.
The men change position and soon Topher is getting nailed by Landon’s hard cock. He gives his ass a good and hard pounding. Topher releases his load of pleasure all over the place including all over Landon. Both men are tired at this point and lay down in the sand.
Landon indeed got his revenge on Topher. He did not state the reason as to why he wanted to pound on Topher but both men seem pretty happy. The men are later seen together in a bar and there is more action that is yet to come.

Jan 28 2015

Take Me Instead

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Six foot hunk Topher Di Maggio starts this great Drill My Hole movie off in a sexy outfit including hat and boots. He has received a letter from his lover. We hear a voiceover as he reads the letter telling him that he has now got married, and to a woman. But thanks for the past, please don’t get in contact with him again. He is obviously annoyed and frustrated, which doesn’t help when he gets a phone call. It’s his boss asking him to break in a new lad that has started work on the farm. He goes to see the new boy in a foul mood.

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In the next scene we see Topher Di Maggio, meeting up with the new farm hand. Topher Di Maggio is pretty new to the hardcore movie scene, though very versatile. He has only three movies with Men.com so far, but I am pretty sure we will see more of him. Lots more I hope.

The new farmhand is none other than 5.7 handsome versatile bottom boy, Mike De Marko. He has done well on the movie scene and has already made 12 movies with Men.com, including ‘My Two Daddies’ 1,2, and 3. No wonder he has done well when you check out his statistics. He is a very handsome youngster with a naughty smile. He has a tasty cut 7-inch dick and one of the most fuckable butts in the industry.
Mike De Marko is half naked when Di Maggio meets up with him, and even though Di Maggio tries to take his eyes off of him, it is quite impossible. (I must admit, I was the same when I saw his firm pecs.) Mike notices this straight away, and makes a grab for him. Di Maggio, tries to make out he is interested, but two seconds later, he is kissing Mike’s cock-sucking lips. Mike De Marko knows exactly what he wants, and quickly yanks down Di Maggio’s jeans and begins sucking on his 6.5 uncut dick. Di Maggio moans with pleasure as Mike sucks his cock faster, and faster, and takes it all the way to the back of his hungry throat.

Mike sits naked on the jeep, naked except for his cowboy that, while Di Maggio gets naked too and goes down on his hard dick. This is one horny scene as you see Mike’s hard cock glistening in the sunlight with Di Maggio’s fresh saliva all the way up and down its solid length.

There is no messing around in this hardcore movie, they both know what they want, and they want it now. Di Maggio turns around and leans over the back of the jeep as Mike crouches behind him and lubes his tight ass hole up by licking his tongue all over it before he fucks him quickly with his finger.

It takes a lot of effort not to touch your own cock when you hear Di Maggio groan with excitement as we see Mike slide his condom covered dick deep into his dark tight hole. Mike fucks him for a while and then he lays on the back of the jeep, and Di Maggio, who is still wearing his cowboy hat and boots, climbs on top of him and sits on his almost cuming dick.

As I have said, this is one hot movie; these two hunks are very naturel and work well together. The cum shot will want to make you cum, or even wish you were there. In the end, Topher Di Maggio opens his mouth as Mike De Marko strokes on his own cock right in front of him. Mike moans as he feels his cock expand in his hand and we get a sexy close up of Di Maggio’s wet tongue getting covered in creamy white cum.

Jan 23 2015

Take Off Your Clothes

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‘Drill my hole’ have managed to get two sexy young men who are both debuting in their first hardcore porno. Both these teens have a lot to offer and both are six foot and over. Connor Kline has a cute ‘next door neighbor’ look with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. He is very smooth and has a seven inch cut dick. He is also a bottom, which is good news for all you tops out there, and especially for Topher DiMaggio, his partner in this hot flick.

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Topher is the right man to satisfy Connor Kline’s tight hot ass hole. Mind you, he’s the right man for any of us size queens out there. He has an amazing 10 inch cut dick which is bound to reach the parts that some other cocks don’t get the chance to reach. He is a real man’s man, and just like Connor Kline, he will go far in the porn industry.
This starts off with every man’s fantasy. DiMaggio in driving along the road and sees a good looking stranger putting his arm out for a lift. He stops the car and asks the stranger ‘what’s up?’ The cute stranger is Connor Kline and he really does act the part very well. He explains that he had gone to a crazy party the night before, he can’t really remember everything, but knows it got out of hand. He had woken up in the morning not really knowing where he was, except he vaguely remembers he is about an hour’s drive from his house, and so he decided he was going to try and hitch a lift.

DiMaggio tells him to get in, and then starts to drive. DiMaggio is quite forward to the teen and tells him that as he is going out of his way for him, then Connor can go out of his way for him too. Connor Says that he doesn’t do that sort of thing, but knows he’s pretty stuck. With a shrug he leans over and begins to sucks on DiMaggio’s ten inch cock.
DiMaggio is really enjoying himself but can’t concentrate on his driving. He suggests that they turn off somewhere so that can get nasty with each other. Connor agrees, and then admits to Joey that even though he is straight, he has sucked cock before. Joey soon finds a spot, and they get comfortable in the back seat, where Connor continues to suck on his hard cock. As Connor goes down in front of Joey’s spread legs, the camera goes into POV mode, and it’s easy to think that this sweet young twink is sucking your own cock as he looks up into your eyes at the same time.
Sticking with the POV camera, Connor Kline rolls a condom over Joey’s big dick and then lies down on his back on the back seat and spreads his legs. This is a fantastic view and it’s obvious that he keeps himself clean shaved. Di Maggio slips his cock in bit by bit, letting Connor get used to his size. You can tell from the grunts and groans coming from DiMaggio that he really is fucking one tight ass.
They change positions a couple of times and Connor ends up getting on his and knees, and getting fucked doggy style for a while. He lies down on the floor as DiMaggio whips off his condom and fires his hot cum all over Connor’s pretty cute face and lips. Connor Kline finishes himself off and sends his cum dribbling over his stomach. Still lying there with cum all over himself, Topher asks Connor if he wants to continue hanging out with him and maybe take him back to his crib? Connor smiles back up at him and thinks it’s a great idea. Now then, there’s got to be a sequel there somewhere…

Jan 12 2015

My Way Inn

We are heading over to Drill My Hole today where experienced porn actor Topher Di Maggio is working in a new guy on the Men.com scene, Casey Everett. You might know Topher, he has made 45 movies for the company now, he has appeared on just about all of their sites over the past few years and he’s a guy well worth keeping an eye on. With his eight and a half inch cut cock, his fit body, dark eyes and hair and his ripped muscles, he’s one of the site’s top stars. He’s also one of the top tops you’re going to see. In the other corner we have new guy Casey Everett making his debut appearance from DMH and Men.com. Casey tells us that he likes to eat pizza, pasta and steak and I assume he likes to eat cock too. He’s a versatile bottom guy with some cool tats and a handsome face.

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Appropriately enough this scene is called ‘My Way In’ and it’s Casey’s way in to the porn business; as far as I know he’s not appeared elsewhere. Here he makes his first appearance in a pair of swimming briefs, nicely filed out, as he comes in search of a sunbathing Topher Di Maggio. Casey wants to talk about becoming a porn star and Topher’s not really in the mood, but he takes the new guy inside for a chat anyway. And by ‘chat’ I mean a ‘fuck.’ Actually it’s more than that as we’ll see. Basically Casey is so keen to be a porn star that he’s been hounding Topher with texts and stuff but Topher, in true Drill My Hole style, requires visual proof of his enthusiasm.

And so the scene starts up, inside in the sauna, with Casey Everett going down on Topher Di Maggio’s long, hard cock. Topher likes the feel of it, you can tell from the sounds he makes, sounds that echo around the tiled room as the new boy gets his face fucked, as he wraps his lips around that long shaft and deep throats Topher’s cock, and as he gives good service in what amounts to an audition with one of the industry’s leading stars. The sucking is one thing, the fucking is another.

Casey Everett is a horny bottom boy who has an ass that craves cock. But it also craves any other kind of attention it can find, in this case a good, long examination from Topher Di Maggio. Topher pulls those tight swim trunks down and starts rubbing Casey’s butt cheeks, spreading them wide for us so we can look in long and deep at his puckered tight hole. Topher teases him with a finger, making the other guy gasp and beg to have his ass slapped. All this time Topher is keeping his cock hard, and rubbing himself up as he then gets his face down on the boy’s backside. He rims his hole, driving Casey wild, but if you thought he enjoyed that you just wait until Topher starts to fuck him.

Great filming (of course) and here it’s from underneath as one guy penetrates the other. And then we move around as Topher fucks Casey doggy style first, slow to start with and then building up. And all the time Casey Everett is moaning out and displaying his pleasure noisily and the sounds of sex echo around the room. He works his butt up and down that shaft, sitting on it and showing his potential as a power bottom while all the time bringing Topher closer and closer to the edge. Casey Everett gives us his first cum shot as he is sitting over Topher’s dick and shoots a nice wad onto the floor. And the scene finished off with Topher Di Maggio dumping his cum on Casey like he was marking his territory. And it’s territory that I’d like to revisit one day. It’s a strong debut from a vocal Casey Everett, a handsome bottom whore if ever I saw one.

Jan 05 2015

Open Position

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It’s awfully British don’t y-know? All this master and servant business with posh men in suits and handsome butlers and footmen, hot and cold running under-stairs staff in the big house, in Edwardian costume, getting up to no good in wonderful double-standard living. And it’s all rather horny and very well made and one of my favourite series so far from The Gay Office. It’s a pastiche of a famous TV show of course, filmed in the UK and with a mix of British and American porn actors, and available only at the exclusive network of Men dot com. The Abbey is one of the top gay hardcore series around at the moment and I’m the lucky person who gets to view and discuss it.

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We’ve already had three parts and Topher Dimaggio appeared in part one (with Darius Ferdynand) and here he is again in part four, but this time with the blue-eyed blond, Joey Rico. Joey did some work for the company back in 2013 and then didn’t appear again until the end of 2014, in The Abbey part 2 with the every lush Paul Walker, so it’s going to be good to see if he stays around and makes more scenes for us, he’s six foot two and sports an uncut eight inch cock, so he’s got a few hot things going for him already, and I’m pretty sure more hot things are to come later this year; let’s hope so anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the Abbey, we discover Topher Dimaggio as the footman, or under-butler, clearing the crystal from the dining table and helping himself to a little port from the decanter. In the next room, Joey Rico is polishing a clock – and yes I do mean clock. There’s a bit of an altercation between the two staff as it seems that Topher has the hots for ‘Jimmy’ (Joey) but Joey doesn’t want to be just another notch on the horny footman’s bedpost. The boys row and ‘Jimmy’ storms out; scene set for a making up session that follows later that night. Topher walks into the other guy’s room where Joey is in bed and more of less throws himself on his friend.

Joey Rico is already naked under the bed sheets and hard, so when Topher throws off the covers we get the wonderful sight of his naked body lying there prone with his hard dick ready for some action. This soon leads to some mouth action as Topher Dimaggio gives one of those blow jobs he has a name for, and Joey starts to undress him while the guy is down on his dick. Dark, tanned face working on blonde-boys cock is a hot sight to see; also hot is the sight that comes next with blonde head going down over dark Mediterranean cock. The two guys enjoy a lengthy suck and wank session between them, on the bed, changing positions as we move around the room watching from all directions.

And then, a little later, they start on some anal fun with Topher Dimaggio playing top to Joey Rico’s willing bottom, getting him in the doggy position on the bed. There’s some more blowing as the guys take a breather and then, with his semi-hard cock hanging over his tight balls and beneath his blonde pubes, Joey gets into another position ready for another fucking. He clearly feels the full might of Topher’s cock when it enters him; let’s just hope he doesn’t wake the lord of the manor. The scene moves on with the guys alternating from suck to fuck and back again right through to the masturbation cum shots where both guys come on Joey Rico, and the scene fades out as Topher Dimaggio is draining the last drop of jizz from his dark cock. I don’t know; the things that go on in English country houses these days!

Dec 05 2014

Bad Reference

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Being in construction work, you have to expect to find guys making out with guys, I mean, we all know that don’t we? Every building site is filled with hunky guys who need to get off with other hunky guys, both old and young. That’s why so many men go in for building work surely? I know, it doesn’t quite ring true (sadly) but in the wonderful world of Men.com porn, and over at Drill My Hole, it is a way of life. If you work in the macho world of construction you gotta expect a little sex. Well, a lot of sex actually, and gay hardcore sex at that.

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That’s what new model James Ryder tells new model Topher Dimaggio in this scene, Daddy’s Workshop part 2. And that’s another good reason for clicking over there (in a moment) and viewing the scene: two new, hot porn stars in the making, two good debut performances and two promising guys to get to know. James Ryder is a well-built good looking guy with a natural acting ability. Topher Dimaggio is more your classic twink type, with a sexy smooth butt and fresh-faced innocence. An innocence that James is going to take away from him in this scene.
It’s set in a building that’s being repaired, and the guys are in full workman’s outfits with hard hats and utility belts. There’s a brief discussion about how normal it is for these builders to ball each other and then, to finish this reassurance session, James gives Topher a hug. A hug that naturally develops into a kiss and cuddle session where James says he will show Topher just how normal this is. It’s a nice lead in to what soon become s a very erotic and highly charged hardcore scene; just as we’ve come to expect from this site.
In a break from the normal routine we get some ass play and fingering action near the start and that’s great for all us twink lovers, especially if you want to see a new boy’s twink ass getting fingered for the first time on cam. Topher Dimaggio takes it well and somehow gets your dick twitching just by showing us his delicious ass. With his trousers down he then starts blowing his older workmate on the stairs, getting James Ryder hard so that he is ready to plough that young ass. But he needs to lube it up first, which he does with his tongue, and then the anal session starts. Both guys keep their hard hats on, a great turn on if you ask me, as Topher Dimaggio gets fucked.
Ryder rides James’s cock in loads of ways in this scene, but the upside-down on the stairwell section is more than impressive. As are the performances from two very promising new stars in the Men.com firmament: Topher Dimaggio, a twink to look out for, and James Ryder, a guy who shoots a big load, are going to go a long way.

Nov 03 2014

Reality Sucks

Well, this is something refreshingly new, for me at least. I am sure it will be for you too. What Drill My Hole have done here is start this hardcore scene off with some background and then let that documentary/reality kind of style give way to the more standard way of filming. We’ve got handsome and hung Topher DiMaggio and sweet and sexy Colt Rivers in a duo scene. Ok, so that’s all well and good, but what’s different about this one is the way it starts.

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If you ever wondered how these movies were made then you should take a look at the first five minutes of this scene. The guys tell us how they got into porn, we see clips of them making the scene, with lights up and director and everything and we see cut-aways to the actual scene itself. You might be surprised to learn that while one guy is drilling another’s hole, they are pausing every now and then to take direction. The guys are standing there posing for stills shots while one has his cock down another’s throat. It shows us the professional side of porn-making as well as getting us ready for the actual scene.

And when that does actually start running (without stopping for these cut-aways and documentary type voice overs) the guys slip into chemistry mode as though they were real lovers. Both these guys are your classic studs, with hot bodies, muscles and hung dicks, and bothy give great performances. The scene is already underway when Colt goes down on Topher’s eight and a half inch cock, swallowing his meat with ease. Then, about half way through, Topher investigates what’s bulging out at the front of Colt’s horny jockstrap and the guys switch positions. The blowing goes on a good while until Colt turns his ass to face his buddy and Topher starts rubbing his lengthy cock up and down between Colt’s tight buns.

You can hear the moan of pleasure as Topher’s mighty cock slides effortlessly into Colts’ aching hole and a fuck-rhythm starts up that carries on as the guys change positions. Each new variation gives us a different way to watch, with Cold riding and Topher on his back, the Colt on his back and Topher between his legs. They stay like this until they both shoot, leaving Colt slightly more than wet and sticky. And then, as if to prove that there is real passion in the making of a porn scene, there’s a cute little soft-focus kind of ending before the fade.

So, what starts as an insight into how a porn film is made, ends up in classic style and everyone cums, and comes away happy.

Sep 08 2014

Tour Of Duty Part 2

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Three hot, hunky, muscled and topless guys wait around in a dark bunker. Their camouflage trousers and hats tell us they are soldiers, the title, Tour Of Duty (part 2) backs that up, we know we are in for a hot military hardcore scene because of the site the movie is from, Drill My Hole. We all know that if it’s coming from that site it’s going to be well made and well acted. What we are not sure about is what is going to happen next. There is a brief storyline as our three soldiers, Topher DiMaggio, Tom Faulk and Jaxton Wheeler discuss what they should do. Tom smokes, the guys discuss the navy and how guys get together with guys, and how bored they are, and how they need to do something…

Well, you know, when three guys are topless, in combat gear, bored and talking about man on man sex, someone’s gunna get a hardon and in this case it’s Topher. The other two agree they might as well do something, and as Topher’s hard and Tom’s bored, might as well get Tom down there sucking on his big dick. He gets it out, through the fly of his pants and Tom starts giving head. While he’s doing this Jaxton is to one side, getting his own stiff dick out and giving it a palming. Tom finds himself choking on DiMaggio dark eight and a half inch cock, but he fights bravely on before turning his aching mouth towards Jaxton’s length. He services that as well and it soon becomes clear who the subservient boy is going to be on this battle field.

There’s a great moment when the other two guys both go down on Topher’s cock and balls, giving them a great work over, and he’s still got his army pants on; they worship that huge cock of his. And then Tom, on his front, worships Jaxton’s and the big guy’s muscles. As he is laying down, Tom is showing off his smooth ass and before long Topher has his hand on it and is getting some ideas. Soon, still with his army pants on and his impressive cock sticking through them, Topher gets to fuck Tom’s ass. The boy is spit-roasted between his two soldier buddies, on his front, on his back sucking cock from above, they try it all ways.

Tom gets well used by his army mates in this scene, right up to the finale where they shoot over his face, and he shoots over his tight stomach. And through it all, DiMaggio keeps his army pants on giving us a real flavour of soldier sex in another brilliantly shot hardcore scene.

Aug 02 2014

Topher DiMaggio Bottom For The First Time

A young Topher DiMaggio loses his virginity in his first video for the website, Top To Bottom. This video is a welcomed addition for fans of Topher who have never seen his first film. The lucky man who gets to pop his ass cherry is the always horny, always hot, Lance Luciano.
The dark, mysterious Topher is nervous, but excited to be where he is. Lance Luciano has already made a name for himself, and Topher has long admired the man’s smooth hairless chest and thick 7 inch cock. He’d seen him in enough videos to know that Lance would want to get right down to business while doing this video and he was right. Lance gave Topher a long, slow frenchy as he slid Topher’s pants down his legs. Topher stepped out of them and fell onto the bed behind him.

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Lance was on his knees in seconds, wanting to taste the eight and a half inch dark cock that stood at full erection already. Never mind that he was here to pop this young stud’s cherry. Lance lavished that piece of meat until Topher shot a load of thick jizz into his mouth. Lance readily swallowed it all.
Resting on the bed, Lance let Topher undress him and service his dick in the same way. Topher showed no hesitation and soon had that cock standing straight up. Lance, still lacking energy to move, bade Topher to sit on him and ride him like a horse. Topher did so, and in effect, popped his own cherry. But what fun he had doing so! Sliding that seven inch thickness deeper and deeper into his ass, while Lance stroked his cock into a joyous frenzy, Topher made love like a pro.

Riding and bucking, our two studs covered with sweat soon reach a mutual climax. Topher rises and turns towards Lance and shoots his load of cum all over the man’s chest. Lance, smiling with pleasure, returns the favor again, and soon Topher is covered with sticky white jizz. What a thrill for both men and what a way to pop your cherry and lose your virginity.

Jul 05 2014

Aaron Bruiser and Topher Di Maggio gay love

Aaron Bruise could not fall asleep. He could not get his mind off that mysterious note he had received late in the afternoon. The note said, “I have been watching you, and admiring you from afar. Tomorrow night at 7… I will be at your front door.” No signature, nothing to reveal who wrote the note or where it came from. Aaron was intrigued and couldn’t sleep while wondering who his secret admirer was.

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Work the next day dragged on. Aaron had finally gotten a few hours of sleep, but not enough to function like he normally did. It was useless really. It was hard to keep his mind on facts and figures when his mind was on a figure of another kind. Finally he left work and made it home by 6:30. After taking a brief shower, Aaron decides to set the mood for whatever was to happen with this secret admirer. He can feel something special is about to transpire.

At exactly 7 o’clock there is a sharp knock on the front door. Aaron hurries over and nearly faints when he opens his door to reveal Topher Di Maggio standing on his door step.
“It’s you?”, he questions, with a huge smile on his face.
“It’s me.”, replied the dark and gorgeous Topher, with a laugh in his voice.

Aaron moves aside and lets Topher enter the candle lit room. Topher, moved by the gesture, can not resist taking Aaron into his arms immediately. A slow, tender kiss follows, and somehow both men are sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in their hands. After sharing a drink, they kiss again, tasting the sweet wine each had consumed. Kissing turns to petting, and petting soon turns wild.
Topher, never one for waiting, starts undressing Aaron; and in seconds Aaron is returning the pleasure. Hands roam at will, feeling hard muscles and smooth skin. Topher has Aaron’s thick cock in his mouth before he finishes sliding the man’s pants and underwear down his legs. He just has to taste what he had been dreaming of for so long. What pleasure Topher finds in sucking that cut eight and a half inch cock. Aaron’s moans were enough to make Topher groan himself.
Topher can not wait for a blowjob of his own, his own eight and a half inch cock wants more: he wants to pound his cock in that tight, white ass! Telling Aaron what he wants to do, Topher leads him down to the rug in front of the roaring fireplace and Aaron gets down on all fours like a dog. Taking him doggy style and deep, Topher pleasures Aaron until he can take no more.
Aaron meanwhile, is working his own cock into a frenzy. When Topher pulls out of his ass, Aaron pounds Topher as hard as Topher had pounded him. Back and forth our lovers go, no longer is there a mystery hanging between them. They know each other inside and out. Aaron lets his stiff dick slide out of Topher’s ass as he releases a load of cum all over Topher’s back. Topher releases his own jizz all over the rug. Sighing with deep contentment, both men relax in each other’s arms right there in front of the fireplace. Exhaustion overtakes them and they both doze before waking to do it all over again.
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Jun 26 2014

Kayden Gray fucking gay pornstar Topher DiMaggio

The Night After is another great video release from Men.com. Our favorite Italian stallion, Topher Di Maggio, is beautifully paired with the always hot Kayden Gray. These two have such a wonderful chemistry together that you would swear they were a couple in real life. In The Night After there is no buildup to the hardcore sex; there is no plot of characters or fantasy adventure to take you away. Nothing here but hardcore, man-on-man sex.

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Our simple scene starts with our two hunks sharing a very tender kiss. The background music adds to the scene, but in no way overpowers the natural sounds of two people loving each other. As the tender kissing goes on and on, the guys begin slowly undressing each other as they sit on the couch. Kayden cannot resist Topher’s smooth, dark dick and goes down on him in seconds. Eight and a half inches of dark meat slides in and out of Kayden’s pale mouth with the ease of a professional cock sucker. While Kayden sucks, Topher is feeling the wonderful smoothness of Kayden’s tight ass.

Topher stops the blowjob and repositions Kayden and prepares him to get his ass pounded. Deep and hard, again and again, and both men are loving every second of this hot action. They switch positions and go at it from every position they can think of, sucking dick and lavishly working each other’s nipples. Kayden reaches his climax as Topher continues to pound his smooth, white ass. Topher pulls out and shoots his own load all over Kayden. A tender kiss follows and the scene ends.
This video is sure to make anyone cum. These actors are so good looking, and work so well together, that you do think you are peeking into the private life of two lifelong gay mates. This video is getting great reviews because it is fantastic. You can join Men.com for just $1.00 and visit with some of these hunky men. Sign up now to see this video and many more. Men.com also offers a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the making of hot, sizzling scenes like The Night After, and other hot porn movies.
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Jun 07 2014

Topher DiMaggio at Gods Of Men

This new movie offers us the stunning bodies of Topher Di Maggio and Chip Tanner, two of the top models for Gods of Men. However, before we get to any sex, we are surprised, and delighted, with the opening scene:

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Topher and Chip are both outside, cameras at the ready, taking pictures of the world around them. Their eyes meet and soft smiles light their faces. Soft focused and high quality filming, along with wonderful mood music has us wishing we were there. They meet and walk hand in hand through the park, before stopping beneath a tree to kiss for the first time. These hunky men look like they are completely devoted to each other. Their romance continues and they move in together. Then it is Valentine’s Day… a romantic dinner… and then, The Proposal…

A long, sexy kiss ensues as our guys strip off their clothes. They both have bodies any man would long for. The build up to this has been great, and these guys come across completely natural – which makes the whole scene so much more erotic. Ever so slowly these guys get into it. There is a lot of teasing and cock play with underwear on, but soon we get to see these studs totally naked. What bodies!
Chip, being a good boy from next door, goes down on Topher’s hard cock, teasing the cut head and making Topher cry out in pleasure. Topher returns the favor and is soon sucking on Chip’s white meat. He loves pleasuring cock, but he wants something else. Soon Topher is lovingly working on Chip’s tight little asshole, preparing him to receive one large cock. Like a virgin, Chip takes it slowly, adjusting himself to the feel of this massive organ up his ass. Soon he is begging Topher to pound him harder and harder. Topher takes him doggy style, ramming him very deep and very hard. Chip’s pale nuts are a sharp contrast to Topher’s dark, Mediterranean ballsack.

As they change positions and Topher pounds him from below, Chip is hard at work jerking himself off. His jizz flies around the room as he soaks himself with the white stuff. At about the same time, Topher pulls out of Chip’s well used ass and showers Chip’s back and ass with a heavy load of white cum. Chip’s smooth, white, bubble butt getting covered with white jizz is enough to make anyone cum with him. This movie has raised the bar on gay porn flicks: the chemistry between these guys, the great music and sound, the excellent filming and perfect quality of the film makes it one of the best porn flicks on the internet.
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