May 31 2014

Gods Of Men With Donato Reyes and Topher DiMaggio

Suite 33 is the start of another hot series from This is not going to be your average movie about hard core sex. This series comes from Gods Of Men and is filmed more like a motion picture with atmospheric music. The chemistry between the two guys is hot and heavy and the camera work is superb.

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This scenes opens with our veteran hunk, Topher Di Maggio, telling us his thoughts about Suite 33. He reveals he has some fond memories of time spent within the walls of Suite 33. And then he just turns towards the bed and there is Donato Reyes sprawled across the bed, wearing only tight black underwear. Then we notice that Topher is dressed the same way, which heightens the eroticism in the whole scene. The two guys begin exploring each other, while Topher decides he must worship every inch of Donato’s hot body.

Topher’s dark, tanned, very smooth skin pairs nicely with Donato’s hairy, muscular build. Although evenly matched in size, build and passion, these two together are enough to drive anyone crazy with desire. Donato, for all his hairy body, has a nice smooth asshole that Topher gets right to rimming. Topher pleasures Donato’s ass with his hot tongue, going deeper and deeper. Before you know it, Topher is sliding his eight and a half inch cock in and out of Donato’s asshole. Donato takes it all, with great pleasure.

Our two hunks go at it doggy style, and missionary style, and every other way they can think of. It is a delightful time of back and forth sucking and pumping. Donato is lying on his back when he cums all over the place. Topher follows Donato’s lead as he jerks his cock in one final spasm of jizz that splatters all over the room.
They kiss and clam and the camera pans the room. The walls are half painted, the sheets expensive; why such a contrast? What is Suite 33? Is it this room, or is this room some backstage set? Our questions go unaswered as Topher looks at the camera and promises us that there is more action to come in Suite 33. Now we have to wait to see what happens next.
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