Oct 07 2015

Love Gun

This great new series kicks off with Dimaggio working behind a bar called ‘Love Gun’ where he is always on the lookout for some fresh meat – as his gun is always loaded and ready to shoot. He sees Chip Tanner and Luke Adams sitting on the leather couch in his bar and wants them as soon as he sees them. He tells other customers that it’s closing up time and goes over and sits down with Chip and Luke who are obviously a good looking couple. He asks if they have ever thought about letting someone join in in their fun and they answer that they have thought about it, but never done anything about it.
Topher leans forward, and with a nod from Chip, Luke leans forward to and the two men start kissing with Chip looking on and stroking Luke’s back and thigh. The three bearded men take their tops off and take it in turns kissing each other and getting undressed.
Luke really does love being a bottom boy and is quickly down on his knees and sucking on Chip’s and Topher’s thick hard dicks. All three men growl out load as the excitement builds up and their cocks begin to throb as Luks carries on stroking and sucking them, and even manages to take both of their cocks in his mouth at once.

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