Jun 18 2015

Obsession with Marc Dylan and Topher DiMaggio

If you have been following the new on-going series from Drill my hole you are definitely familiar with Topher Dimaggio. The gay werewolf endowed with the special ability of pulling men to his side by simply being intimate with them. Today in ‘Howl, part 2’ we bring you the second part of the series and in the lineup we have three hot models.

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Topher being a familiar character needs no intros, he has slipped into the versatile mode and other hunky stud has frequently fucked him raw. This is despite the Fact that he has made over 50 scenes for Gaypornstarstube.xxx and that he has previously described himself as a top. Unlike Topher who works exclusively for Men.com Marc Dylan isn’t.He has been missing in the DMH pages since August 2013. Am not too sure about where he has been or what he has been doing for the last one year. It is undisputable that he is lined up to appear in ‘Howl’ alongside Gabriel Clerk and Topher . I know we’ve definitely missed seeing his uncut seven and half inches, his dark eyes and his slightly furry toned body.
topher dimaggio
Having appeared in twelve scenes for the company, Gabriel Clark is handsome, fit and cut. You might remember him from the ‘Secret diary of an escort’ back in November 2013 or ‘Cruising’ series which premiered back in March. Therefore, there is going to be a bit of variety for us in this scene. He is also another versatile guy who has appeared with several of our much loved models. Stream all of Topher gay porn videos for only $1 – click here

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