May 26 2014

Suite 33 Part 3 with Dato Foland and Topher Di Maggio at Gods Of Men

Gods of Men is back with their Suite 33 series. In this one, Part 3, we finally learn what the “33” means. We are told that the number 33 stands for love and intelligence. In this scene that is exactly what we get – two intelligent men, who declare their love for each other before any hot action begins. Our Latin lover, Topher Di Maggio and super gorgeous Dato Foland are on the bed – wearing only their underwear – as the action begins.

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The declaration of love turns into a slow, sensual kiss. Hands explore hard bodies, smooth chests, and growing bulges beneath the scant material covering them. The only story in this film is the love scene. This is not pure sex, this is an act of love. These two guys have an awesome chemistry that shows in how they tenderly pleasure each other.

Topher releases Dato’s semi-hard cock from his underpants and gives the guy a blowjob that makes that cock come to life. After more kissing, Dato returns the favor. And then our guys remove their underwear completely. Dato needs better access to Topher’s smooth ass. Parting those dark cheeks, he rims the hole and then tongues deeply inside, getting it ready for some cock dancing. Slowly he enters Topher and we are thrilled to be watching them make love, not have abandoned raw sex. Topher enjoys himself as we get to see many wonderful camera shots of these two in all our favorite positions. Soon the action switches and Topher is lovingly pounding Dato’s ass.
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  1. Dato Lover Says:

    Dato Foland is soooo fucking hot !!!!

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