Jan 28 2015

Take Me Instead

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Six foot hunk Topher Di Maggio starts this great Drill My Hole movie off in a sexy outfit including hat and boots. He has received a letter from his lover. We hear a voiceover as he reads the letter telling him that he has now got married, and to a woman. But thanks for the past, please don’t get in contact with him again. He is obviously annoyed and frustrated, which doesn’t help when he gets a phone call. It’s his boss asking him to break in a new lad that has started work on the farm. He goes to see the new boy in a foul mood.

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In the next scene we see Topher Di Maggio, meeting up with the new farm hand. Topher Di Maggio is pretty new to the hardcore movie scene, though very versatile. He has only three movies with Men.com so far, but I am pretty sure we will see more of him. Lots more I hope.

The new farmhand is none other than 5.7 handsome versatile bottom boy, Mike De Marko. He has done well on the movie scene and has already made 12 movies with Men.com, including ‘My Two Daddies’ 1,2, and 3. No wonder he has done well when you check out his statistics. He is a very handsome youngster with a naughty smile. He has a tasty cut 7-inch dick and one of the most fuckable butts in the industry.
Mike De Marko is half naked when Di Maggio meets up with him, and even though Di Maggio tries to take his eyes off of him, it is quite impossible. (I must admit, I was the same when I saw his firm pecs.) Mike notices this straight away, and makes a grab for him. Di Maggio, tries to make out he is interested, but two seconds later, he is kissing Mike’s cock-sucking lips. Mike De Marko knows exactly what he wants, and quickly yanks down Di Maggio’s jeans and begins sucking on his 6.5 uncut dick. Di Maggio moans with pleasure as Mike sucks his cock faster, and faster, and takes it all the way to the back of his hungry throat.

Mike sits naked on the jeep, naked except for his cowboy that, while Di Maggio gets naked too and goes down on his hard dick. This is one horny scene as you see Mike’s hard cock glistening in the sunlight with Di Maggio’s fresh saliva all the way up and down its solid length.

There is no messing around in this hardcore movie, they both know what they want, and they want it now. Di Maggio turns around and leans over the back of the jeep as Mike crouches behind him and lubes his tight ass hole up by licking his tongue all over it before he fucks him quickly with his finger.

It takes a lot of effort not to touch your own cock when you hear Di Maggio groan with excitement as we see Mike slide his condom covered dick deep into his dark tight hole. Mike fucks him for a while and then he lays on the back of the jeep, and Di Maggio, who is still wearing his cowboy hat and boots, climbs on top of him and sits on his almost cuming dick.

As I have said, this is one hot movie; these two hunks are very naturel and work well together. The cum shot will want to make you cum, or even wish you were there. In the end, Topher Di Maggio opens his mouth as Mike De Marko strokes on his own cock right in front of him. Mike moans as he feels his cock expand in his hand and we get a sexy close up of Di Maggio’s wet tongue getting covered in creamy white cum.

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