May 25 2014

Take Off Your Clothes

When was the last time someone said to you, ‘Take off your clothes’? That’s the title of the new scenes from Drill My Hole and this one stars ever popular Topher Di Maggio and Connor Kline. Both these guys are inked, both are muscular and fit, both could appear on’s other site Gods Of Men as they both have the bodies of classic Greek gods and both are well endowed in the dangle department. Here they are roommates in an apartment somewhere, but this is one of those scenes that doesn’t really have an introduction.

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Two guys get home late at night and are heading for bed, but there is something between them. Have they been doing that straight-guy flirting thing earlier? Have they been eyeing each other up? No idea, but it seems that neither of them wants to go straight to bed and there is a bit of an eye to eye stand-off as they say good night. (Like that, ‘you hang up the phone first’ ‘no you do it’ kind of thing.) But, luckily for us, good sense prevails and they head into the bedroom together where one says to the other, ‘Take off your clothes.’

From then on it’s a horny hardcore suck fest as Conner undressed, revealing his flaccid but meaty cock. Topher then strips down and his cut eight and a half inches is already springing into life. He lies back and gets a good long cock sucking from his roomie. He’s not only get a nice long cock but also a big pair of full nuts hanging below it; his body is smooth and toned too and gets a lot of attention from Conner of a long time before Conner leaps up on the bed and starts to squat down over Topher’s cock.
This scene is into the fuck session at around five minutes and you wonder if they are going to keep this up for the rest of the run. They do, but not without variations. Conner rides Topher’s cock sitting on it and slowly moving his hips up and down. He faces his man and then turns around so we get to see both his toned ass and his huge floppy cock as he gets his hole drilled. Later he presents his bubble butt ass in doggy style and gets fucked that way.
And so it carries on (I won’t spoil it all for you) until we get the two guys busting their nuts, Connor first and Topher second, and we get the slow fade out. A really great coupling, a hot scene, good chemistry and a very long anal session make for another winner from DMH.

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